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I know most of you don't care, but Metallica is having a treasure hunt today. They give you clues to websites and if you are right there is a banner that you can click and it'll give you a new song off the new album. I've figured out a few, but I can't figure out most of them...any ideas?

Site 1:

- This company is the MVP of Maddeningly great sports video games ---ANSWER IS "easports.com"

Site 2:

- Your Gates-way to the hottest new music and music news

Site 3:

- Where new music blasts off

Site 4:

- The sumo wrestler of websites

Site 5:

- Where music, movies, technology, contests and more are synthesized into something net. Oops, we mean something new.

Site 6:

- Highly toxic radio south of the border

Sire 7:

- Germanic Icon makers

Site 8:

- Same as the U.S. video game site, but Down Under---ANSWER IS "electronic-arts.com.au

Site 9:

- Le ringtones et Le logos

Site 10:

- This magazine/site name rhymes with twang

Site 11:

- "." music--- ANSWER IS "dotmusic.com"

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