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Between Wilbert Brown, Derrick Dockery, Dave Fiore, Lennie Friedman, Tre' Johnson, and Randy Thomas, we will probibly only get to keep 4 Gaurds, and start 2 of them. Now it looks as Brown and Friedman are out, but these are both good players. So my question is what are we going to do?

Trading them is an option, but hardly ever do you get a good trade when the FO of the other team knows you would cut him, but want to see if you can get somthing for him. Take Sage last year, Miami knew that we would drop him if it came to it, so we only got a 7th round pick (Sage for Hamdan, doesn't seem right). Gaurd is even a lower profile position than QB, so we may be lucky to get a 7th for both of them together!

We may be able to trade for a position that we need, like TE or S, but once again, we probibly wouldn't get anyone better than who we already have.

We could Practice squad them, but that is usually reserved for younger players, and they would probibly get picked up by some other team.

Then we could just cut em.

So, what do you think we will or should do? Or do you not hold these players as high as I do?

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Not counting Albright, the Skins will probably keep ten OL on the 53 man roster-- 2 centers, 4 guards, and 4 tackles These 9 should be a lock:

C Larry Moore

C/G Lennie Friedman

G Randy Thomas

G/C/T Dave Fiore

G Tre Johnson

T Chris Samuels

T Jon Jansen

T/G Derrick Dockery

T/G Rod Jones

That leaves G/C Wilbert Brown and T/G Alex Sulfsted to fight for the 10th spot, with the loser hitting the streets on the final cut. Brown is the better guard of the two but Sulfsted showed that he can be a serviceable backup at LT, which may give him more overall value than Brown. Brown may have to improve his skills at center in order to win the job.

Then again, with the flexibility of the new guys to play more than one position (and Spurrier's desire to keep 6 WRs), the team could only keep 9 guys and cut both Brown and Sulfsted...

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I wouldn't be surprised if Tre' got whacked.

The drafting of Dockery threw his status into question, along with his injury. His history with the franchise carries no weight (no pun intended :D) with the current coaching staff.

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I hope Tre stays around. He was coming on towards the end of last year, and after a full offseason of conditioning, he could be ready to play at a probowl level again. We'll see. All of the sudden we have one of the more deep and talented offensive lines in the league. Of course we'll have to see how they all work together and what type of chemistry is developed, but this is probably the most improved area of team from last year.

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I think Rod Jones' contract puts him at risk. Friedman's versatile and young, so he'll likely stay. I liked him coming out of college and I thought he was a good pick up.

We got some play out of Wilbert Brown, but I can't say it was all good. Sulstead is a backup tackle, which helps him keep a job.

Jeez...maybe Tre' is the odd man out this time.

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I personally think that Tre` will start this year. And it's not because I don't think that Fiore is a great player, I just think Tre` will return to his 1999 status. Aside from Injuries, he hasn't gotten worse, just unlucky.

On a side note, Tre` has been with the team longer than any other current player on the roster.

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I love Tre, but can he remain healthy? I think his health will

be a big question mark.

On the bright side, what a great position to be in vs last few

years where we were looking for guards. Guess I'm old school

in that you build a team around OL and DL. This game is still

won or loss in the trenches.

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Originally posted by panel

I personally think that Tre` will start this year.

That would be better than just sending him on the field when Spur was going to call a pass like they used Tre' last year. I know practically everytime I saw Tre' waddle out on the field, the next thing I would notice was the opposing teams' nickel back or cover LB trot out there too, and this wasn't always in obvious passing situations. Very frustrating.:shootinth

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I think Rod Jones gets shown the door. He didn't make a great impression last year because he came to camp overweight and then underperformed at Guard.

LT Samuels

LG Fiore

C Moore

RG Thomas

RT Jansen


Dockery G/T

Tre Johnson G

L. Friedman C/G

Alex Sulfsted T

Akil Smith G/T

I put Akil Smith on here because the coaching staff was really high on him last year, they liked his footwork and work ethic. He's played Tackle over in NFLE so he's gained experience. Some of the other reserves on the roster, Bedell G... Downey OL.. T Elisara will fight it out for a Practice squad spot.

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My guess is Rod Jones may be let go given his salary AND if Fiore takes over at Center and Friedman looks good as his back up don't be shocked to see Larry Moore get cut either. I don't think it will happen but he is getting starting center money for a guy that is a backup. But Fiore's injury status may keep Moore in the mix.

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Tre J looked great playing on one leg. Who doesnt remember that pancake block?

Wilbert Brown brought back visions of a bull fight with is Ole' style of blocking.

Rod Jones I cant see sticking here because he sucked playing RG also or do we forget his performance against the pats in the superbowl?

Fiore apparently played all line positions and TE as well.

The idea we can have this much depth on the O line brings wood but I still want size at Center in the future.

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