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Has Gmail gone to crap???


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I've been trying to send all these important business documents around for the past few days and gmail has been one buggy pos... wtf is going on??

I'm about to pull my freaking hair out! Anyone else having problems?

I haven't had any problems with it lately

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Google is in the process of rewriting how people use email and personal communications. They are rolling out an all encompasing contact center FOR FREE which will handle sms, email, voicemail, telephone forwarding, sending faxes, recieving faxs and all the rest.

I believe that roll out for the initial 40,000 folks chosen to receive the service first is going on currently. That's problable why your email is hosed up, cause they are upgrading all their servers and software.

I believe their contact center offering will be available free, ( including going to the internet and seeing visual representations of your voicemail and missed calls along side your emails, sms messages and the entire boat from one location..

It's going to be really really cool, and it's going to all be free.

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Gmail is working money for me

but the better question here is, why are you using Google to send "important business documents"?

He's trying to attach documents in an email....sounds pretty straight forward to me. Why does the importance matter?

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