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So I came across this "Cowboys Redskins Rivalry" video on youtube....


Your views on sanchez rumours  

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  1. 1. Your views on sanchez rumours

    • a) Haha- we fooled you all, nice bit of misdirection
    • b) Front Office thinks Sanchez is Tom Brady and Vincent chase's love child
    • c) Danny Boy loves him, but thats as far as it goes - but he'll get his way
    • d) Danny loves him, but Zorn tells him to shove his man crush- takes a WR/TE or if we're lucky OT
    • e) We like him, but only if he slides big time
    • f) Portis has embarassing photos of Danny, and Clinton actually calls the shots!

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Here's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6q5OnMnzuo

A minute or so into the vid, I realize that this isn't a "rivalry" video but a collection of some old Cowboys highlights to a good Iron Maiden song. I was disappointed because I was hoping to watch an actual Redskins Cowboys video w/ both teams being showcased.

I, "alfiea5", try to make a mature/straightforward comment and then......well, just read it for yourself:


Misleading title...I was looking forward to watching an unbiased rivalry video.

Good call with the Iron Maiden.....bad call with the video


letts talk on nov. 22 at about 4:15 pm and see who is able to talk trash then.


Who said anything about talking trash? Please grow up and learn to appreciate the game of Football....I don't understand how some "fans" can be so ignorant/immature

(note: I agree that I jumped to conclusions and made a rude/unnecessary reply there.... I was just bothered/confused by the guys response & how he was trying to incite a non-existent argument)


Hey stupid, talking trash is all anyone here is doing. I love how 22 year old punks wanna tell other people how to enjoy the game of football and how immature they are. I have been a skins fan since you were 2 years old. Grow up before you talk to adults about stuff you have no clue about. Hail to the redskins and our 5 world titles.

(he's a Redskins fan?! lol...)


HTTR indeed.....I don't know where you got that I was a Cowboys fan? My OP was referring to the fact that all the video contained was Cowboy highlights and no Redskins love....did you even read it before you started embarrassing yourself?

Swing by the ExtremeSkins tailgate at the Denver game this year....this "22 year old punk" wants to have a few beers & an intelligent conversation with an "adult"


I don't drink; Drinking adds no value to ones life and is a silly thing to do. I like to enjoy my football clean and sober. I figured you were a Boyz fan because you were making little sense, but I guess that can be attributed to your relative youth. One constant with Kids is that they think they have it all figured out. True intelligence comes from knowing you know nothing at all. Enjoy the Redskin season and drink one for me party chick.

Isnt youtube great? :silly:

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