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I voted "with beans" more because thats how it's served at nearly everyplace around here. When I make it at home 9 times outta ten there's no beans in it, more because the rest of the family can't stand any kind of bean.

So I guess the irony here, as the purist would judge, is that I (who loves chili) eat both chili and some sort of evil mixture with beans but the family has only eaten real chili.

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True chili, like the kind my grandfather used to make in New Mexico, contains no beans, just meat and an assload of various hot sauces. I'll eat pretty much any type of chili, but I'm a purist at heart. No beans.

If it's from NM it's also spelled with an 'e' as in chile con carne. Red chile or chile colorado with pork is my favorite and it would never, ever have beans in it. They're a side dish along with rice.

The stuff most of you folks are referring to is good too, I like some chili beans (mmmm with chorizo and cheese) but it's considered to be a different thing here.

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Tons of beans...chick peas, black beans, kidney beans hellll yeah. throw some corn in there too, a thick layer of cheese and a fresh loaf of light airy bread with a crispy crust....chili is my absolute favorite.

Corn? Strange, but I might have to try that.

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With Beans - black and red (all that fiber is good for you!). Big chunks of meat, tons of green and red peppers, tons of onions.... some cheese, sour cream, a few blasts of Tabasco and for the topper - a big Fresh Jalapeno on top to chew on.

My wife wont go near me for a day or so after that meal.


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w/ beans but the key ingredient is Sour Cream...!

Agreed! Cannot eat chili without some sour cream. I also like to add some shredded cheese too. I have eaten chili without beans but it doesnt feel like Im eating chili. I grew up with kidney beans always in our chili. To me, its like eating cheese pizza. Technically its still pizza but to me pizza is not pizza without toppings. Otherwise it is just cheese bread with some marinara sauce.

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