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What will our record be with a different QB?  

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  1. 1. What will our record be with a different QB?

    • Colt 12-4
    • Colt 10-6
    • Colt 6-10
    • Colt 4-12
    • Sanchez 12-4
    • Sanchez 10-6
    • Sanchez 6-10
    • Sanchez 4-12
    • This is dumb, Campbell gives us the best chance to win.

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I personally would like us to trade down to the late first round and acquire an additional 3 rounder and some change in next year's draft.

:helmet: Wishful thinking....

Rd 1. Jarron Gilbert

Rd 3. Jamon Meredith (might not be available)

Rd 3. Sebastian Vollmer

Rd 5. Lee Robinson

Jarron Gilbert-DE/DT


Jamon Meredith-OL


Sebastian Vollmer-ROT


Lee Robinson-SOLB


Duke Robinson-OG


Robert Ayers-LDE


Lawrence Sidbury-DE


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Thanks for linking to our Draftguys TV videos!

Of all the players linked, Vollmer is the most interesting - he clearly has the feet, size, and strength to play left tackle, and he's just starting to fulfill his potential, having come over from Germany to play college football here.

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Thanks for the links. After watching the tape, I like Jamon Meredith a lot. We need a RT. Beatty and Britten are 1st rd prospects who don't project as great run blockers. Looks like Meredith would be a much better value, and better matches our needs. As an added bonus he played all 4 OT and OG positions in college, meaning he could flex inside to guard if needed.

I like Gilbert a lot, but he could be had in the late end or 3rd. Sidbury also projects in that range.

If there was a player NE wanted, we could move down to 34, 48, 89. We already have #80.

Jamon Meredith, Larry English or Sidbury, Duke robinson, Macho Harris. All holes filled except for center and OLB.

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