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3 Away games in a row goes to.....


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Giants and Seahawks.

Giants at Dallas, Tampa Bay, Kansas City. Weeks 2,3,4.

Seahwaks at Arizona, Minnesota, St. Louis. Weeks 10,11,12

That sucks no matter who you are playing against.

Side note: St Loius, gets 3 home games in a row against New Orleans, Arizona, Seattle. Weeks 10,11,12.

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;6317536']Let's relax with the Giants winning all of those road games in a row. It is tough to play 3 weeks in a row on the road.

Yeah, they pretty much go from the South West to the South East to the Mid-West on this trip too. Lots of air fare if they go home to practice/rest after each game.

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I didn't know the NFL did that to anybody. It must be something new or people would have whined about it in years past.

It would totally suck not to have a home game for a month.

Three home games in row wouldn't be too cool either for season ticket holders.


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Going from a WCO to Mora Jr. smashmouth, you bet they are. They will be screaming for Holmgren to return by the end of the year.

Seriously. Mora Jr. lived off of Vick's athleticism. It will be interesting to see how an aging QB, weak OL and backfield, that has to change offense will do.

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