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Hello all fellow skin fans. Glad I came across this board so I can learn even more about football and the redskins. My boyfriend is THE biggest redskins fan ever..;) and I have been well exposed to the redskins and have enjoyed watching all the games with him and him teaching me more about the skins and football in general. I'm glad about all the offseason moves and am looking forward to posting and the next season!!! Especially the first game against the jets! :cheers: Cheers to the board.

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Welcome SKINZ08!

Where are you posting from?

Glad to see a woman interested in the skins.I wish my wife were as enthusiastic as you are.:D

Again welcome!!!!!


"It's a good day to die"-Lt. Worf


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Hey everyone thanks for the welcome, Space I'm currently in tampa soon to be Durham,NC. Although I am originally from Boston. So I still do have a little soft spot for the Pats :) But I can name alot more redskin players than on the Pats. REDSKINS ALL THE WAY THIS YEAR! :cheers:

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Welcome to the board! Could be trouble in the making here. Boyfriend and you fighting for the puter to visit Extreme. :silly: No prob...buy another pc. :D This place is a home away from..or is that within home. :silly: Bar's almost always open and things really get kicking around training camp and the first preseason game. Ladies night is on.....well... around here it's every night. Admiral...well said...well said indeed..though there has been a thread just like the one you mentioned started and posted on by a certain Rock fan around here :D in the past.


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Originally posted by AdmiralWaugh

All right SKINZ08, welcome aboard!

Gentlemen, let's try and keep this woman around. At the risk of seeing a "daily hunk" thread, I think we need to do a better job of gender diversity here. :)

There was a daily hunk thread...........entitled.......

Blondie's Babes.

Do I need to begin it again?

Or I can post my babes..........on the daily babes.

:laugh: :laugh: ;)

Welcome SKINZ08.


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