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Who should the Redskins take at 13? ***highlights of prospects****


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Since today is a slow day I looked at highlights of possible selections at 13. and this is what I came up with.

**not in any order**

LT William Beatty:


LT Michael Oher:


LT Andre Smith:


DE Brian Orakpo:


DE Everette Brown:


DE Michael Johnson:


DE Robert Ayers:


DE Tyson Jackson:


LB Rey Maualuga:


LB Brian Cushing:

DT BJ Raji:


QB Mark Sanchez:

I think I covered all the names that have been thrown around to be our selection did I miss anyone.

OK after looking at these highlights and I understand these are just highlights so take them for what there worth but these players impressed me.

DE Everette Brown: Really quick of the snap,has a lot of moves, really polished as a pass rusher decent run stopper.

DE Tyson Jackson: Philip Daniels clone rushes the passer pretty well but doesn't have many moves just over powers people like a young Daniles used to. A great run stopper perfect for a LE.

DE Robert Ayers: Out of all the DEs I think hes the best overall becasue he can stop the run and rush the passer he isnt great at either but good at both and with big AL and Andre taking on double teams I think he can become a great pass rusher he has the tools.

Both of the OTs all though I think Andre Smith is better Oher is good to but Andre smith is a load he holds on to his guy and doesnt let him go until after the play is over. Smith is a monster in the run gam as well as the pass I like him better then Oher.

Offcourse I liked Bj Raji to but I dont think he will be there so Iam not going to go in to detail with him.

Rey Rey- Was impressive to but I dont no if he can play the SAM LB spot I dont think hes fluid in the hips enough but if he can thenm he will be great.

Cushing is also impressive but I dont see to much potential in him I think that what you see is what you get I could be wrong.

Mark Sanchez I couldnt really tell how good he was because his WRs seemed to be wide open on every pass. But what I did see was that hes mobile in the pocket and can throw on the run. He runs to pass.

What do you think?

My most impressive players:

Robert Ayers

Andre Smith

Rey Rey

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I believe that if we don't take an offensive lineman with our 13th pick that it will show that the Skins have totally given up on Jason. It will be very difficult for him to succeed with our aging offensive line. Of course all of this will mean nothing if we take Sanchez. That will definitely mean that they have given up on Jason.

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I added william beatty but I couldnt find Eben Briitton and Aaron Maybin highlights, If I find them later I will post them. As for Beatty as I watched that video I got the gut feeling that he will be a bust he doesn't seem nasty or physical enough to play in this league.

Like many of you have said out of all the prospects I have listed I to think that Andre Smith is the BPA and we should take him.

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OK so here are possible players for us if we decide to trade back or pick up in the 3rd.

Jarron Gilbert DT/DE:

Alex Mack OC:



Duke Robinson OG:


Herman Johnson OG:


Phil Loadholt OT:


Connor Barwin TE/OLB/DE:


Lawrence Sidbury DE/OLB:

Larry English DE/OLB:

Clint Sintim LB:


Marcus Freeman LB:


Tyrone Mckenzie LB:


Zach Follett LB:


Most Impressive:

Zach Follett LB: He doesnt have good measurables but he is a FOOTBALL PLAYER he can stop the run, rush the passer make tackles,get of blocks. and hes decent in coverage.

Alex Mack: Just watch the 2 videos they don't lie he can pass block and run block and hes great at both.

Jarron Gilbert DE/DT: He is the perfect fit for what we need at LE someone who can play LE on 1st and 2nd down then move over to DT on 3rd and allow Chris Wilson to be the DE. He impressed me more the Robert Ayers.

Herman Johnson: He is huge and a great run blocker as well as a decent pass blocker his stock has fallen and we should possibly pick him up in the 3rd.

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With our problems up front, I just don't see how you can pass on Smith at #13.

So there was some jiggling when he ran his sprints shirtless? He's like 330 pounds, wtf do you expect?

The tape doesn't lie, and the tape shows him pulverizing people all over the SEC.

I'm sick of watching Jansen get beat by the Renaldo Wynn's of the world.

But welcome back to the B&G anyway Renaldo.

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Kudos "021" ... great video compilation. Especially loved Sanchez ... shows super quick release, excellent footwork, fabulous field vision, great mobility in pocket, accurate arm (always seems to hit receiver in stride), and is a tough decisive runner. No wonder Danny is "gah gah" over this Trojan stud. Instant upgrade over Campbell. Would be nice to see a shootout between Sanchez and Colt .... similar styles ... they are both ideal for WCO.

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If the top 4 OT's are gone and Sanchez falls to us I think we should take him. Samuels just came off another pro bowl year, Heyer is only 25 and had the starting job last year and only lost it because of an injury and he's only gonna get better this year, and we just signed Dockery at LG. If we use the remainder of our draft picks on a center, guard, and defensive end, I'd call it a successful draft. Sanchez has all the tools it takes to be successful and all the intangibles that is required to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. Not to mention he played in a pro-style offense at USC.

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Great post and I love how Sanchez steps up, rolls out, hits receivers in stride etc.

Yeah, and on some of those plays he didn't have all day to throw....the kid has some nice POCKET PRESENCE....knows when to step up and when to GET RID OF THE BALL........Sanchez seems to also SPOT an OPEN RECEIVER right away.......it would not bother me 1 bit if the Skins draft this kid.

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