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Who here has actually played football?


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I'm the head coach of an NFL team located in Ashburn Virginia.

I mooonlight as the president of a powerful country and my ovular office is in Washington DC.

I am also a woman trapped inside a man's body.

Right now I'm carrying a sign seeking 'seperation' from the evils of the world on one side and 'reparations' for all the wrongs done to me and my noble ancestors on the other.



Reynolds wrap works better than other aluminum foils when you need to repel the 'contol rays' emenating from alpha centauri.

My feet smell like fish.

At least I hope it's my feet.

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Played 5 years college ball and had a shot at Arena back then but my shoulder couldn't stand up to the tests (brutal) so I opted to become a self-made millionaire and coach for free. However, they have been paying me for the last bunch a years so I must be doing something right.

Overall, 25 years of my life has been spent not only being a Redskins fans but becoming more knowledgable about the game. I have a ton more to learn, but I'll be in the Pros one day soon.

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25 years? really? Already? Braddock road football just.... sigh.... I am old. :silly:

Couple years of litle league, 1 year High School, (Coach pissed for years I didn't try out Freshman year......all he had to say was girls dig football players... :silly: ). Did have some fun playing flag in the service though. Doesn't count...but was fun.


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Played from Mighty mites to high school varsity as a senior.

played in some varsity games as a sophmore and started as a junior and senior for the varsity team.

mighty mite teams played for were the UCLA Bruins,texas longhorns as a 3rd and 4th grader(missed 1st and second grade mighty mites) ....played mostly RB and LB

In 5th grade mighty mites,played for the Denver Broncos as RB and LB.

In 6th grade,played for the Chargers as the QB and LB


Then in Junior High I went to Pershing and we were the Pershing Generals.In 7th grade I played RB and LB and Kicker.To my knowledge I may still hold the record for most tackles in a season their at 63.we went on to go 6-1 only losing in the final game to the Cherokee Indians 20 to 0.

In 8th grade I played LB and Kicker as we added more speed at the RB position.i had 43 tackles that season.(ya,I know a dropoff as well as a change in coaching.Totally my 2 year year tally of tackles to 106 in both years.We went on to go undefeated at 7-0 to finally knock off the Indians in a memorable game 14-6.I blocked a punt and stopped a 2-point conversion which i like to look at as a possible momentum shifter.

My junior high highlights Individually were a 75 yard kickoff return against Hickory hills at the beginning of the second half to tie the game at 14 only to go on and win 22-14.(7th grade)

1 yard plunge against Reed to win 20-6 ....38 yard reverse against pleasant view to win 8-6 (7th grade as well)

There may be others but i dont remember.???


Then on to Highschool to play for the Parkview Vikings.

Just like minnesota,but we were green and gold.White helmet with green horn logo.white pants with green stripe.gold end on logo.green belt and green and white shoes.home was green jersey with white numbers and yellow trim.white away uniform jerseys with numbers green and yellow trim.

Played punter all 4 years....

played LB all 4 years and sometimes moved to DE in special situations and on 1 occasion NT.

Backup,backup ...RB and only got 1 carry in a game against Neosho for 2 yards.

Did fairly well, but could have been better.???

Had a couple safety's and interceptions in my four year span.

But,It was at punter where my success would have been good for the future.Took 2nd in the city at punter for net average for 43.5 yards per kick.Not sure about Hangtime....??

In my junior year I got off an 80 yard punt against the Rolla Eagles?...and from the 1 yard line,I blitzed and got a safety.

I still remember the RB i got.Cary Lang...Supposively a very good prospect...At that time at least.....

But then As we went to play the best team in Kansas in pittsburgh ,Kansas..i ate something fowl on the bus on the way up there.(school cafateria food)I was really sick by halftime and such and the coach pulled me in the 4th quarter.(never have i been pulled or missed or not started any game mind you)

...Come monday after School practice,the coach said"special Teams" as I ran out to my lonely punters area.Then Ramsey (DEF coor,Assit.Coa.)said " Mike aren't you to sick to practice in a very sarcastic voice"I said,"No!. "Ya you are", said Ramsey...

....So I brush it off as he brings in the backup and then later on Lawson says"defense over there"(head coach).So went over to my LB position and wouldn't you know?Ramsey says again"Mike aren't you too sick to practice and I just walked off the practice field and went to the locker Room and tossed my stuff (uniform and such) on the floor and cleaned out my locker and went to my car.....And Just as I was getting in the Car Lawson was right acroos from me about 20 Ft away saying "mike,What are you doing"?...and i said ,"I quit Coach"..and he may have said other things but all that is very distorted from how mad i was that day,so i don't remember every little detail....

I will always regret quitting the one thing I loved 2nd to my wife.It pains me to this day to even bring it up.So sorry if I have given a little more information than requested.

i will never know what college i could have gone to,if any....

but i never went on to college..just played alot of sandlot ball here and there.

i know now that they were just teaching me a lesson and i'm sure i deserve it,no matter how sick i was to them.i was just to stupid to acknowledge what they were doing.But i always played 110%.On every down.

So now I use what energy i have left to love the Redskins as I have always.

So i hope i haven't bored you guys to much......

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I was a kicker in high school. Does that count? Too bad the guy in front of me had a monster leg and went on to sign with the University of North Carolina back when Mack Brown was there. I did once make a 55 yd. field goal in practice though! :D

In college, I dropped kicking and only played soccer. I no longer needed to be on the football team to have access to the weight room and trainers.

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Ok, here we go, I played four years of High School football as a QB and Saftey, was named a HS All American and went on to play 4 years at PSU where in 1986 won the National Championship against the Univ of Miami in the Feista Bowl. The biggest play of the game was my Hit early in the game on Micheal Irvin, in 1987 and 1988 I played two years for The Tampa Bay Buccaneers but injuries to my shoulders forced me to call it quits after two years. (had 2 Ints though...lol)

And still to this day, the hardest runner I ever played against was James Wilder.. They called him the Black Stallion... can still hear him coming through the hole now and coach Perkins telling me to get up there and fill the hole.....

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C, DT, PK (I also kicked a 55 yard FG in practice) wore #66

Boys Club league, Jr. High, Freshman Team, Started at Center as a Juinor, backup DT, Started at all 3 positions my senior year but before the 2nd game I blew out my left knee, and lost out on a possible scholarship to a div. 2 school, ETSU

I have some Family History in College Ball, My Uncle Dave was the first freshman to play in the Sugar Bowl for GA Tech, he quit after his sophmore year to join the Marines. He was offered a tryout with the Bears, when he was discharged. Another Uncle was a QB for ETSU, and my Dad played LT for Washington & Lee

Okay, we're not exactly the Mannings :rolleyes:

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Lots of sandlot tackle football. Saw a guy get knocked out when his head landed on a 3 inch diameter stump that no one knew was there due to it being cut low to the ground and covered by grass. He wasn't right for a week.

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