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Normally the lesbo pic would do it for me, but whoever it is on the left looks way too masculine. She looks the hottest in the cowboy pic and the one slightly about it, but somehow I'm gonna have to vote for the one where she accidently lifts her shorts above her undies. Man, I'm twisted.

Thank You Code. I don't hear anyone complaining about polls this time around :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy

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The first picture is a VERY distant 2nd to the second picture. None of the others even come close.

I guess by now you've learned I'm a full-blooded @ss man.

A girl with a great @ss is quickly forgiven for flaws in breast-size and face (as long as she has all of her teeth). In fact, I'll take perky hooters over large ones any day.

In other words, Anna is PERFECT!

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Originally posted by Mick

Anna K is way over-rated. She aint even the hottest pro tennis player, let alone the hottest celeb, as many treat her to be.

She most certainly is the hottest pro tennis player. Please post some pics of any pro tennis player that you believe to be hotter.

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