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Is Jason Campbell developing into Joe Montana?


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Jason has some growing pains yet, but he is not interception prone and is conservative with the football. This is a very good trait that doesn't show up well in stats except his LACK of interceptions.

Joe Montana threw 31 TD passes in one year, but for the other 15 seasons, he averaged only 16 TD and 8 ints per year. He really only had ONE tremendous SEASON. He is considered the GREATEST because he "managed" the game. That seems to have become a dirty word for some around here. They say that all Campbell can do is "manage" the game. So....SO....and your point is?

Isn't that what a QB does? Manages the game and gives the team a chance to win. Puts people in the right spot to make a play. Keeps his team in the game until something good happens. That sounds like our QB. Jason Campbell manages the game, keeps himself from losing the game, doesn't throw the interception and doesn't mind if others get all the attention. When surrounded by more playmakers, Jason might just be JOE MONTANA.

Here is a comparison of Joe Montana's 5th year and Jasons 4th year.

G com Att per yds per TD int

Joe 16 332 515 64.5 3,910 7.6 26 12 7.6


- Jason 16 315 506 62.3 3,245 6.4 13 6

So perhaps Montana's 5th year above is what we can look forward to.

Interesting to note that in Joe Montana's FOURTH year, which is Jason's above year....Montana threw 17 TD passes and 11 interceptions. Jason threw 13 TD and only 6 ints. And Jason never had Jerry Rice!

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I think one has to analyze the talent he had around him as well. Just sayin' since his receivers contribute to his stats too.

Yeah. One thing that everyone forgets when they start comparing stats is that JC NEVER seems to be able to hit his recievers in stride, even the wide open ones. (except once in a blue moon on screens or quick reads)

I can't count the number of times Santana has been running around behind the defenders only to have to lay out to try and grab a poorly thrown ball.

Or have to pretty much to stop completely to wait on the ball and then gets buried by the defenders who had time to recover.

I'm sorry but when you have a guy with jets like Santana and he is BEHIND the defense, that's a throw that needs to be made. Hell all he has to do is toss it up and let the guy run under it.

How many times have you seen Rice running around in the secondary gaining tons of RAC? alot... because Montana could hit him in stride.

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A 64.5 completion percentage back then was ridiculous. There were only 4 other teams that put up numbers above the 50's. One was Joe Theismann.

Montana was also top 5 that year in Passes Completed (3), Passes Attempted (4), Passing Yards (4), Passing TD (4), Passer Rating (4), and Passing Yds/Game (5).

Not to mention that he had already won a SB.

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