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Im going to die on.............how bout you???


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08/03/2063....I'll be 92, unless they freeze my a$$ like Teddy Ballgame, there's no way I'm making it that long....

Too much of this::pint::cheers:

And this::high:

And being a Skins' fan, far too much of this over the past 10 years::gus:

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Originally posted by SlinginSammy

There's an obvious trick to that crystal ball. They have the flower symbol strategically placed on numbers that will come up with what you subtracted.


why did i never get the flower symbol.i got a different & correct ananswer everytime.it's a mathematical calc thing.i used to be able to do it in my youth with a deck of cards(same idea) before i forgot how..it got the wife going though.......

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Not too shabby......Friday March 8, 2052. I'll be 91.

I posted this on the Mystic mind reader thread on how it works

10 X + Y - ( X + Y ) = Z

10 X + Y - ( X - Y ) = Z

9 X = Z

It always works out to multipals of nine


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Originally posted by GGB81

Apparently I died 5 months ago in a tragic blimp accident over the Orange Bowl on New Year's Day...

Hey I died over two years ago! I guess when we failed to make the Super Bowl in 2001, I must have just lost interest in life and wasted away.

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