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980FM: Carlos Rogers will be back next season


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Just heard it on 980AM. Confirmed that Rogers will be back next year contrary to speculation he might be out.

Do you guys think he'll step his game up next season - sort-of a chip on his shoulder kind of thing after being pushed back on the depth chart at the end of the 2008 season?

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I still don't know whether giving out almost $70M in contracts to two players is the way to build a Super Bowl team, but the one positive I see is the age of the players.

Hall is 25 and just entering his prime. Haynesworth at 27 would be our youngest starter on the DL right now.

I also think the swap of Springs (34) for the younger Rogers (26) on the other side of Hall is a positive for the organization.

I would like to see Dockery resigned to take Pete Kendall's spot at LG. Pete is just too battered at 36 to be counted on to play at a high level for 16 games.

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