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New Smilie thread

Midnight Judges

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I like some of the new smilies but I miss some of the old ones. Some of them, I have no idea what they are supposed to mean. For example, people frequently use this one:


What is that? It looks like a crazy guy drooling. Is that the new OLS?

and this guy:


Is that crying or laughing? It looks kind of angry to me.

I like this one as I think it applies to a large percentage of ES discussions:


My favority of all time is just the classic :mad: <---there is no mistaking that one.

Let's see what else we got here


if you ever want to piss off two posters being too touchy feely this will work::dance:

:movefast::pooh::pimp::obvious: Is there a smilie limit for one post?

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Is that crying or laughing? It looks kind of angry to me.

If you ever want to know what a smilie means, all you have to do it look at the code, after you hit the smilie. It gives a description. Or if someone else types the smilie, and you wonder what they're saying - just quote them, and it will give you the code/description.

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c'mon there's gotta be something missing from this story.

I promise thats the whole story. The discussion was about Mark Brunell and Campbell.

At the time the Skins were like 2-5, Brunell was looking older and older each week.

Some guy said something to the effective of. "ok we aren't good enough to make the playoffs, we need to rebuild, so why are we playing an aging QB when we should be getting Campbell experience?"

I qouted him and said, "screw you and your logically thinking" As I said, I was using sarcasm to agree with him but I neglected to add a ;).

I try to sign on the next day and I can't, I email the site and i'm told that I was banned for a week or 2 for that comment. I tried to explain that I was clearly using sarcasm and this is a huge misunderstanding.

I think at the time the stadium was pretty much out of control with people hating each other for each being for Brunell or against him, so I pretty much got wrapped up in the effort to clean it up.

When the ban expired I pretty much flipped out on the MOD that banned me and ended up getting another ban :silly:

In the MODs defense, I acted like I was 10 years old when I got back from the ban, I felt like I was wronged and that nobody was listening to me. But if I had to deal with thousands and thousands of memeber on a message board I probably wouldn't get a damn about one persons gripe either.

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