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Is Snyder preparing the team for Cowher's 3-4 Defense?


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Every big named free agent is always linked to the Skins, this time of year. There are several teams in the running for Haynesworth. And no, I don't think the Skins are in any position for the 3-4 defense. Cowher isn't coming here. The Skins don't need anymore coaching changes, which has been the #1 problem.

I totally agree on the continuity of a coaching staff, but because of the division we play in... I would love to see a scheme change on the defensive side of the ball. Running base formations on 2nd and 3rd long with 3-4 or 46 defensive package is much more disruptive than a 4-3. We were the highest rated 4-3 this year in terms of yardage and points defended, but had horrible turnover and sack production. I think a 3-4 with a stud nose tackle (Haynesworth) and a young, smart OLB with a high motor that can put his hand in the ground instantly makes us look and feel like a Steelers traditional defense. I am not saying we will be that monstorous, but its something I have been hoping for for a few years now.

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With the un-capped year coming, would it be unheard of to get both Haynesworth and Canty?

Money talks, and if they can find a way to be under the cap this year, and pay it in the un-cap years, why not try and get them both ?

As for the AP, I don't think your thread is that far fetched as some are seeming to target, but I think it's a long shot for that to happen.

And I love on here how people want Zorn's head after 1 season, while others seem to understand it takes more than a year or two to get your game plan in action...

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Yeah that is a good point. My only thinking is that this might BEGIN to put some pieces in place if Cowher decided he wanted to coach in DC. We definitely would still need to pick up some other players first.

Cowher would want to pick his own pieces, so no.

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Bill Cowher was NOT the DC in Pittsburgh.

If we were bringing in Dick Lebeau, we would need a 3-4.

Stop equating the 3-4 to Bill Cowher.

Was Cowher not a defensive minded coach on a team that ran a 3-4? That was my only thought...

I think the OP gives Snyder way too much credit for foresight. Snyder impresses me as a schemer, but a schemer with ADHD.

I think I may have too. Anyway, since I started the thread, I have read where Haynesworth has said he does not want to play in a 3-4, so it turns out my point was invalid anyway. Oh well, just a thought.

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How do you figure Zorn is on borrowed time? He has to build a foundation. No way was he going to do it in 1 year.

Didn't stop Danny before.

"After working as a football analyst for ESPN from 1999 to 2000, Schottenheimer was hired as head coach of the Washington Redskins for the 2001 season. In a controversial move, Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Redskins, fired Schottenheimer on January 13, 2002 after just one 8–8 season to make room for former University of Florida head coach Steve Spurrier."

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Fist question I asked when I saw this thread was 'how old is this kid" about 18 or 19."

Then I looked and saw he was 20.

It figures.

What a wasted thread.

Since you have such an excellent track record with threads. cough cough MalCOMB Kelly:)

btw, I already realized and stated that my theory was incorrect based on the fact that Haynesworth does not want to play in a 3-4, so I don't know what you all are still *****ing about lol.

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This isn't as ridiculous a thread as some going on right now around here.

That being said, even if Danny did have Cowher in mind, I don't see him or Cerrato as having the foresight to put personnel in place for a possible switch a year from now.

Agree why would Vinny help a coach that would in turn thank him and show him the door...Cowher = Vinny getting canned.

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Your idea is not far-fetched. Snyder has been known to play Madden with his little toy of a football team.

However I really do not think this is the case, Cowher is the kind of guy who wants to buy his own "groceries" to make the meal or atleast that is what I have read.

But then again, lots of green can make anyone change.

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Bear with me for a sec before you bash the post...

Think about this: apparently we are going to pick up Albert Haynesworth, according to the reports out today. We are also reportedly very interested in Brian Orakpo in the first round.

Now both of these guys, especially Haynesworth, can be pretty effective in a 4-3 defense.

But they are also VERY well suited to a 3-4 as well. Haynesworth as a 3-4 NT, and Orakpo as a linebacker.

So when I was thinking about these two possibly being Redskins, I got to thinking that perhaps Snyder isn't so sure about Jim Zorn as HC. Maybe he is bringing these guys in with the knowledge that if Zorn fails this year he has Cowher waiting to come in. Think of it as an insurance policy.

I'm not saying that I think Snyder will definitely bring in Cowher or fire Zorn, I'm just thinking that maybe part of his thinking is that IF Zorn doesn't work he will already have the pieces in place for Cowher to run his defense.

Thoughts on this? Mindlessly bash if you want...:)

We haven't signed Albert Haynesworth, and we haven't drafted Brian Orakpo. It's premature to run to this conclusion when neither of those things have happened. Moreover, I don't think either of them will, unless we are stupendously lucky and Orakpo somehow falls to us at 13.

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1- haynesworth would be terrible as a nosetackle, not every large man makes a great NT, tbh what makes a great NT is the willingness to throw ones body into double teams and sacrifice personal stats, taking a guy like haynesworth and making him a nt would be like tying a racehorse to a cart. he may play OK there but he wouldnt the kind of impact player he is in a 4-3.

2- we have one DE capable f playing a in 3-4 in daniels who is old and injury prone.

3- we lack the big olbs we could use taylor but the rest of our lbs are smaller speeed types.

switching toa 3-4 takes 3 seasons minumum, why would we do that when we are finally putting pieces in place to take what we have to an elite level?

if we get haynesworth it makes the whole D better the only worry i have is that fat guys who get big contracts get lazy ( see darryl gardner, stubblefield, mcglockton, BIg fatty) not all the time but most of the time. however a stud DT makes a defence work, name me ONE single dominant D that didnt have a beast in the middle?

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