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Weird, but catchy, song

Touchdown Redskins

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Really? I honestly have been kind of bouncing in my seat since I started listening. I can't even Shazaam it because it's in another language. Dutch, maybe?

If that were on the radio, I couldn't listen to it for more than 30 seconds before changing the station lol :D...

And yeah, I was trying to figure out the language as well...it may not be a language for all we know lol.

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dare you post a link....

you spin me right round baby right round like record baby...

hahah!! Funny story: This past weekend me and some friends went bowling on sat night. Anyway I have this really wacky bowl- I can make it curve like the pros. Catch is I'll get gutter balls for the first couple of frames cuz I'm warming up, but once I'm on, I'm on. So I had zero points after first 3 frames. 4th frame- strike 5th frame- strike!. 6th frame- Lights shut off, its turns into cosmic bowling as soon as I get into my groove which I then immediately got right out of. And the first song they play is meatspin song!! :laugh::laugh: I ended up bowling a 59. Cosmic bowling + Meatspin anthem= terrible bowling!

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