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WT: Redskins could pursue Crowell


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Let the church say AMEN :notworthy

Don't get me wrong, I'm in favor of bringing in Canty, re-signing Hall and maybe a few of our own for cheap/tendering some of our RFA's. In terms of draft day, I'm in the Maualuga boat which is why I don't want to pick up Crowell (who's also coming off an injury, so even if you're worried about Rey's hammy, he's younger and better).

If we pick up Canty and keep Taylor, picking up Crowell doesn't make much sense unless you're planning on going OT at 13. There's no chance Monroe or Jason Smith are still there at 13, so I want either Maualuga or a trade down that can net us someone like Duke Robinson, Unger (who could probably play guard to begin with) or some other 2nd round guard or center prospect. I don't want Andre Smith or Oher, I think they're both pretty risky picks. :2cents:

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