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If you were a mod...

Toe Jam

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Not let morons start redundant threads in the stadium. Mods should start all threads in the stadium or select which ones from esteemed members to be posted. The stadium would not be a free society that coddles the asinine, it would be a dictatorship guided by thorough selection to promote intelligent, topical, and humorous Redskins banter. Lastly, ban people who are consistently not on topic or who are no where near funny.

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I would probably swing the ban hammer a lot more too. I am a member of a few other forums, and I don't think we realize how good we really have it here. The mods on other boards can be real *******s and close or merge threads and ban people for little to no reason that I can tell.

I would probably start off being one of those ******* mods. :)

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