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WT:Netanyahu's plea for unity rejected


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So basically 120 member Knesset. Netanyahu Lakud party won 27 seats. He needs to reach sixty one seats to form a government.

Livni Kadima party won 28 seats

Barak's Labor party won 13 seats

Both of them have told Netanyahu to pound sand so far. Barak has already said his labor party would go into oposiiton. Livni's Kadima party who won the most seats in the election, wants to share the prime ministers seat with Netyahu, but he has rejected that condition.

Ethnic Cleansing advocate Yisrael Beiteinu won 14 seats, and he's already committed to Netanyahu.


Netanyahu's plea for unity rejected

JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's Labor Party leader Ehud Barak has rejected Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu's invitation to join his government.

After meeting Netanyahu on Monday, Barak says his dovish party will serve as a "responsible, serious and constructive opposition."

The hawkish Netanyahu has been appointed to form the next government. He hopes to bring moderates like Barak and centrist leader Tzipi Livni into his coalition to win international support and a stable parliamentary majority.

Livni says she and Netanyahu made no progress in their late-night meeting Sunday.

Netanyahu says he will meet both leaders again.

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