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SI.com top 10 NFL draft prospects-photos


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SI.com now has their top ten prospects online with photos (see link above, I set it to start at Andre Smith)

There are 3 OT on their list, both the Smith's and Monroe. Notice how all 3 OT's have knee braces on both of their knees.

I have always liked Monroe the best out of the big 4, but seeing a guy already having to wear 2 braces makes me a little uncomfortable with drafting one of these guys at #13. Anyone else concerned about these big boy's knees?

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Most college OL guys have braces on their knees. It's more preventative than any injuries.

I don't have the details on the individual linemen if they have knee problems, but just because they have them in the pictures isn't a concern.

Found a link: http://content.scholastic.com/browse/article.jsp?id=3746547

"In 2004, 24 of the top 25 ranked NCAA Div. I football teams mandated the use of knee braces to avoid injury."

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going by the other thread and news about Andre Smith's work ethic, it seems that Monroe and Jason Smith will be the first 2 to go.

Andre Smith is apparently the 2nd best athlete behind Oher of the big 4 and will probably be 3rd. I dunno, but since Monroe and Jason Smith will probably be gone, I think I'd want Oher. I think Buges will get all that he can out of him.

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