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NFL.com: Harrison’s Indy days are done


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Harrison’s Indy days are done

Adam Schefter

Everyone keeps focusing on WR Terrell Owens‘ future with the Cowboys. But the more pressing issues surround Colts WR Marvin Harrison.

It’s no longer a question of if Harrison, 36, will be let go. It has become a question of when. It will happen in the coming days, certainly before the new league year starts a week from Friday, but few are sure exactly when.

But make no mistake: It is happening. The Colts no longer can afford to carry Harrison, who is scheduled to have a $13.4 million number for an Indianapolis team that is starving for more salary-cap room to deal with free-agents-to-be such as CB Kelvin Hayden.

If the Colts were to release Harrison, his $13.4 million number instantly would come off the books, saving the team $7 million against the cap. Harrison still would count $6.4 million in dead money, but more importantly, there would be the $7 million savings.

Plus, the Colts have been bracing for this day, drafting Anthony Gonzalez in the first round and grooming young WRs Roy Hall and Pierre Garcon.

The Colts’ first-round draft pick in 1996, Harrison will finish his Indianapolis career with 1,102 catches for 14,580 yards and 128 touchdowns.

It was a great career. The last chapter soon will be written.

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how long before a

"bring him to the Skins, vet min + incentives" thread

Ironically, I just posted on this in another thread. Bare with me, I'm not saying we should go all out, just floating the idea.

IF the Colts let him go, which I'd be surprised if they actually did, he'd be more than worth a look.

I know, I know, "another team's vet. castoff", "we need to get younger and bring on our own" etc, all of which I'm fully in agreement with.

I'm just thinking that, if he was willing to come on a cheap salary, given he's 36 and at the tail end of a Hall of Fame career, he'd be a great compliment to Moss, El and last years two rookies, (what better role model could they have helping them along), and could take the sadly now ineffectual Thrash' roster spot.

All relative to whether Indy do release him, and what teams jump in, but given the lack of picks we hold, and top free agent talent out there at receiver, we'd be remiss to not investigate the possibilty if it came up.


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Schefter doesn't tell the whole story...

This article


says Harrison is forcing the Colts' hand by refusing to take a pay cut. The Colts wanted to rework his contract to keep him on and lessen the cap hit, but he refused.

Well, the Colts have to do what they have to do. Since they have Wayne, it makes it a lot easier.

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Well, the Colts have to do what they have to do. Since they have Wayne, it makes it a lot easier.

I'm not sure of Harrison's motivation, unless the Colts were really lowballing him. His cap number made it obvious that something had to give - no way could the Colts afford him eating $13.4 million of their cap. It could have been a routine re-negotiation to keep him on. Hell, 3 or 4 Skins vets do it every offseason. But he said no, for whatever reason.

He's not getting a big pay day anywhere else, so why would he refuse? Did he think they would bite the bullet like the Skins did with Shawn Springs last season? If so, the Colts are apparently calling his bluff.

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I wonder how effective he would be with another team short term. Granted, he's been a consummate pro his whole career. His great strength has been precise route running and uncanny timing with Peyton Manning. He and Manning worked very hard over the years to develop that rapport. No QB/WR tandem worked harder to develop like that. (Remember when Carson Palmer and Ocho Cinco traveled up to Indy on their bye week just to watch them practice and pick up intel on how to improve their synchronicity?)

Harrison won't have that with a new team. So much of his success was based on precise timing, and that won't come overnight. He may be good in a new setting, but he will not come close to his previous greatness, IMO.

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Well it's official.

INDIANAPOLIS (AP)—Marvin Harrison can play wherever he wants now.

In Indianapolis, he will always be a Colt.

Team owner Jim Irsay on Tuesday grudgingly honored Harrison’s request to be released, a move that becomes official Wednesday.

Team officials turned the news conference to announce Harrison’s release— the receiver didn’t attend—into an emotional tribute to one of the most identifiable players in the franchise’s Indianapolis era.

They took turns recounting stories that stretched back more than a decade. Irsay’s halting words at the start and team president Bill Polian’s reddened eyes at the end were indicative of how hard it was to let go of one of the best receivers in NFL history.

“I’ve always treasured the time I’ve had with him because I respected him so much as a person,” Polian said. “He worked so hard at his craft, he was always so prepared and he did every little thing he could to win. And he did it with quiet dignity, superb professionalism and with a sense of contribution to the team, that really is second to none.”


It's going to be really weird to see Marvin in a different uniform.

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