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Cooley: 'I'm better' than Witten


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Cooley: 'I'm better' than Witten

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Washington Times

February 18 2009 1:53 PM BY David Elfin

I'm just back from Chris Cooley's scholarship announcement at Blair High School in Silver Spring. Asked by a member of the wildly enthusiastic senior class (one of whom will win a $25,000 scholarship thanks to the Redskins' standout) if he was better than Dallas' Jason Witten, his fellow NFC Pro Bowl tight end the past two years.

Cooley hesitated, smiled and said, "I think I'm better. ... He doesn't run after the catch very well."

In response to another question, Cooley said he didn't think the Redskins should trade inconsistent quarterback Jason Campbell, who's heading into his third full season as their starter.

Cooley said he had no advance warning that Rennie Simmons was going to retire when he decided to take his position coach to this month's Pro Bowl.

"I was glad to spend the time with him," Cooley said. "We played golf together. It was a good time."

Cooley, of course, is also excited that Simmons' replacement, Scott Wachenheim, coached at Utah State where the tight end played from 2000-03.

"It's pretty cool," Cooley said. "Anyone he mentions from Utah State, I know. I grew up there [in Logan, Utah]. I watched the games he coached. He seems like a great guy. He's super-ambitious. I think he'll be a hard worker and really be prepared for what we're going to do."

Other than the Pro Bowl and some vacation time in Hawaii and Las Vegas, Cooley said he has spent part of the offseason creating the paintings (shown here on his Web site) that will be among more than 20 of his works of art that will be auctioned in May. That auction will raise the $200,000 needed to provide the scholarships for a Blair student as well as a senior at each of seven other area high schools.


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Sorry I rather have Witten

Jason Witten - Has played one more year then cooley.

429 Receptions

4,935 Yards

11.5 Average

25 TDs

Chris Cooley

314 Receptions

3,457 Yards

11.0 Average

28 TDs

I am sorry, but Cooley has played a year less then Witten and has more TDs, .5 yard average less, and under 1500 less yards. This is also on a team that did pass the ball a lot.

I would rather have Cooley. Even if you argue that Witten is better, there is no way he is that much better to warrant having him over Cooley.

Give Cooley the same number of years playing as Witten and based on his average he would have:

A little under 400 receptions

4,200 Yards

34 TDs

Thats a good bit more TDs then Witten and right around the same in regards to receptions and yardage.

Witten is good, no doubt, but I dont get the people who act like Cooley isnt just as good.

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I'd say they are equally as good, but Cooley hasn't had the injury problems that Witten has. Cooley has been far more consistently available. Besides, his personality is much more engaging, which puts him over the top.

What do you mean more consistently available?

Are you talking about being available in games (as in games missed)?

Witten's missed one game in his career, and it was in his rookie year.

I don't think this is a big deal. I'd expect Cooley to think he was better than Witten. Just like I'd expect Witten to think he is better than Cooley. As a Cowboys fan, obviously, I'm biased and would take Witten.

But really... if you were a franchise.... you'd "settle" for either, if given the opportunity.

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I think Cooley and Witten are very similar TEs. The main differences are that Witten is a better blocker and Cooley is a more explosive TE. Cooley reminds me more of a WR than a traditional TE, whereas I can only imagine Witten as a TE.

Seems to me that Witten is also a little bit better at running his routes and finding gaps in the coverage than Cooley is, although this could partially be attributed to differences at QB.

Cooley may very well be the hardest TE to bring down after the catch in football, though.

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