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FOX News: Strange Green Comet To Pass Earth Next Week


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Been seeing a lot of stories like this (meaning: weird) coming from Fox News for the last year or so.

Doesn't fit the image of everything they do coming from the GOP.

(Now I'm thinking of the line "Best investigative journalism on the planet.") :)

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Is it just me or are a lot of strange things happening in space and/or dropping to earth lately?

I know there is a lot of strange things on Earth. :D

Actually, I think it is just the advent of mass communication like 24/7 cable news, and especally the internet.

You are just hearing (and reading) about things that, say, 30 years ago, you would've never heard of b/c all you had was the evening news and the local paper for info.

Most likely, neither would've paid attention to something like this.

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