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Pakistan will impose Islamic Law


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as I've always thought, I don't think the US ever really considered Pakistan an "ally" post 9/11. They just wanted it to look that way to show they are trying to crack down on Afghanistan and the Taliban. It worked and achieved it's purpose. Now it's just reverting it appears. Hopefully Afghanistan can remain free from Al Qaeda and the Taliban. It does seem that, like Iraq, people on the whole are thankful for removing the Taliban.

However, the masses being thankful isn't enough when certain leaders, religious or not, keep fueling anti-US sentiments. Now is as good a time as any to make sure India has the US' back, as we sure as hell could use the help of a country who's been fighting with Pakistan for 60+ years. It's been a powder keg since independence and partition, may as well make sure that you have the backing of one.

The old keep your allies close but your faux allies, cough threats cough, closer

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I don't think it is just a coincidence that this news breaks just days after Senator Diane Feinstein (chair of Senate Select Committee on Intelligence) talks about us launching Predator attacks from a base inside Pakistan. Whether it is true or not, that news was aired all over Pakistan and embarrassed the Government of Pakistan. Really... She should have her clearance and access revoked.

She's a liberal from Frisco where the pro military demographic is miniscule among the masses and politicians, but they don't mind being at the controls of their new toy.

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Ghost Wars is the best book written about the events in the region from 1979-2004. Nothing else compares

A must read. Very insightful. Scary as hell.:doh:

I gave a copy to a couple of "guys" from "overseas", and they could not believe how complete the book was and that it was allowed to be published at all.

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