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Star-Telegram: The BCS mess is as confusing as Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo


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Football fact. Football fiction.

Let’s start with the fiction.

Those college executives who drive the BCS train, and those limited passengers who ride along with them, commenced with a gleeful howl in late January, claiming their baby was both the prettiest and the smartest.

Compared to what?

The Arizona Cardinals, of course.

When a 9-7 regular-season team, particularly this team, goes to the Super Bowl, the BCS hacks pushed a message that the playoff system doesn’t work, that the regular season doesn’t matter, and when it comes to deciding the best team in the land, computers, humans and coaches can best decide the championship matchup.

As opposed, of course, to a manly playoff system.

No, you idiots. Not even close.

First, the Cardinals did it the right way, exactly the way the New York Giants did it the year before, wading through and winning three postseason games of high-pressure action, and doing so as the underdog in all three. The Giants were a tad more impressive because all three wins were on the road.

Second, the next time will be the first time I ever heard anyone say the NFL regular season "doesn’t matter." Does anyone care to check the TV numbers or the attendance figures around the league?

For any argument that says, "Well, it’s the NFL, the most popular sport in the land," college football probably ranks second in that poll, even being the only sport at any level that doesn’t have a playoff system. How big would a 16-team December tournament be? Massive, of course.

But back to the current debate, that being that the NFL failed to get the most deserving team to Tampa. If not Arizona, which team was the best in the NFC?

The Giants? Didn’t look like it in December. Carolina? The Cardinals killed them on the road. Philly? Not enough from the quarterback when it mattered the most. The Cowboys? OK, that’s a joke.

Certainly, the Giants and Carolina had a good regular season. But in real sports, teams play two seasons. Regular, then post. Flukes don’t survive.

Then once you get to the Super Bowl, what happens?

Did anyone think the Cardinals didn’t belong? Did anyone think the back-door Giants didn’t belong the year before?

Stick with the system. The system works. A real playoff system is the way God meant for championships to be decided, as opposed to the mealy hand-picked system of college football. (I didn’t actually check with God on this, but next time I see Tim Tebow, I’ll request that he get verification.)

NBC, the network, tells us more people watched the Ari-bleeping-zona Cardinals in the Super Bowl than any other TV show in history. That’s not just sports. That’s any TV show. This certainly suggests nobody held the regular season against them.

Granted, the BCS is not going anywhere. The lobby is too strong. But what backfired badly on the BCS brothers was the gleeful hooting of late January.

You boys got punked by the Arizona Cardinals. Go back to your computers and shut up.

Next: Fact.

I’m late with this, but another friendly reminder is necessary.

Let the Super Bowl be another example that the Cowboys’ No. 1 priority/problem is Tony Romo sits to pee.

The game is about the quarterback.

Can your QB deliver? And can he deliver when it counts?

This was a matchup built around the Steelers’ defense, and rightfully so.

But in the end, the Super Bowl came down to the quarterbacks. Kurt Warner, to me, was the MVP of the game because he did more against more (the Steelers’ defense) than anybody on the field.

Ben R., meanwhile, took that next step to full-blown stardom because of the final-minute touchdown drive.

Can we all agree that at times Romo sits to pee has shown he can be Ben R., if not better, and that he can be Warner, if not better. But with Tony, he regressed last season. Ben R. moved forward in huge leaps. Warner re-captured some past glory. Tony backed up.

The game is about the quarterback, and now more than ever, since the NFL rules of today are all slanted to the offense.

I watched the Babe Laufenberg TV interview with Romo sits to pee last week. The loud noise you heard was me slapping my forehead in confusion.

To hear Tony, it makes you wonder. To watch Tony on the field, it makes you wonder. Please come back, Big Bill, if for no other reason than to wise up Romo sits to pee.

But in the end, if Tony doesn’t get it right, this version of the Cowboys will never get it right.

That’s just fact.

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How many chances does Romo sits to pee get? He got a pass on the first year (botched FG...though not from Parcells.) Then, he can't deliver as being the top seed in the playoffs...and then last year, he can't get one win down the stretch to get the pukes in.

Romo sits to pee will make a good back up somewhere.

The pukes need a new qb.

Bill knew it...it was obvious.

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Can we all agree that at times Romo sits to pee has shown he can be Ben R., if not better, and that he can be Warner, if not better.


:doh: Maybe he mean Kurt Warner of 4 years ago with hand/fumbling issues, and the Big Ben who had a 27 QB Rating in his first Super Bowl :whoknows:

as long as Romo sits to pee has an easy, open receiver... he looks great... who wouldn't.... but take away his easy option, and make him think.... he crumbles

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I liked the article and agree with the writer 100% on the BcS, and mostly on the Romo sits to pee issue. I'm not sure I would put him up there with a guy who has won the SB twice, regardless of how horrible he played, and a guy that has played in three of them, being the MVP once. Romo sits to pee can't even win ONE playoff game, never mind sniff the SB.

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