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So, where's your tax return going?


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What kind of bike are you looking to get?

Anyway, I'm in that category of having to pay taxes - no return. However, if there is some sort of rebate like last year, then I will do the same thing - some to the church and a bundle of it to the daughter.

I'm not really sure, I'm torn between buying a built fixed gear, road bike, or "urban commuter" bike.. or building my own fixie

I have no clue.. a lot of the bikes that I would like to have are a bit more money than I'd like to spend though

sorry if you thought that I meant motorcycle heh.. and sorry that you have to pay.. if your daughter is acting ungrateful you can send any refund this way haha

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I thought you meant a bike and not a motorcycle. :)

The reason I asked was to see what most people prefer these days. My doctor has suggested getting a bike for exercise and this area has a lot of open space - perfect for biking. The days of jogging have passed me by. When it gets a little warmer, I'll be in the market for one.

As for my daughter, she would have it no other way. :D

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For once in my life, my refund is actually not going to pay for a crisis in my life. Three crisis happened in December this year and thankfully my in-laws saved the day (not to mention my refund!).

I'll probably spend some on equipment for a new non-profit football team I am coaching in the fall.

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I try to manage my withholdings so I can break even and avoid giving the Feds an interest free loan on my sweat.

Unfortunately, I messed it up somehow this year and am still getting a small return. That money will go into savings and most likely be used to help cover closing costs on my next home.

I've done the same thing for this current year 2009. Went 11 on my Fed W-4 and 10 on my State. That should give me just a very small refund.
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