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CBS: Hundreds trapped on Lake Erie Ice Floe


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Damn, that Sully's one amazing dude. Just ditched an eight-mile long ice plane in Lake Erie. And get this. Once again, everyone's still alive! :laugh:


(CBS/AP) The U.S. Coast Guard' date=' and multiple state and local agencies are trying to rescue as many as three hundred people trapped on a free-flowing slab of ice that broke loose from the Ohio shoreline.

The Coast Guard said that an eight-mile-long slab of ice had broken free.[/quote']

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Did you read the comments at the bottom. This must happen yearly. People are calling them knuckleheads and saying they should pay for the rescue themselves.

Just heard on FOX too, they build bridges over....CRACKS IN THE ICE!!!!!!!....to get to the middle of the lake.

*breaks squelch* "Uhhhh......Houston....WTF? Over."

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That's nothing. I hear that way up north they actuall build, shudder, roads over frozen lakes. ;)

Apparently this years ice was exceptionally thick, Global warming anyone?, and many more people were out on the ice. The winds at 35 MPH contributed to the ice breaking away. Who would want to be on a frozen lake in 35 MPH winds?

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