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I don't recall reading many negatives about this guy. Why would Tuna and Sparano to just let go of OT like this guy? He gives them a nice bookend to Jake Long. :whoknows:

Its already been reported that they want to make it their priority to resign Carey this offseason. But technically, he is still a FA.

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I don't recall reading many negatives about this guy. Why would Tuna and Sparano to just let go of OT like this guy? He gives them a nice bookend to Jake Long. :whoknows:

He's scheduled to become a FA because his rookie contract is up. Although from I've heard, he won't hit the market because the Tuna wants to lock him up.

Here check this:

Tampa - A source told the Sun Sentinel that the Dolphins are definitely interested in re-signing free-agent tackle Vernon Carey. Free agency doesn't start until Feb. 27, so negotiations will probably heat up during the week of the NFL Scouting Combine (Feb. 24).

Carey, along with left guard Justin Smiley, were the most experienced players on a young offensive line that took a bad hit when promising rookie Donald Thomas was lost for the season in the first regular-season game.

"The Dolphins want Carey back and they will continue to bolster their offensive line," the source said.

The same probably can't be said for free-agent linebacker Channing Crowder, who was lowballed by the team's first offer.


Good news to this is that Channing Crowder most certainly would be available, which is good news if we're looking for somebody to replace Marcus at OLB.

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I'd be all for bringing in a guy like Bobby Engram at WR. He knows the WCO and can still play (also, prolly inexpensive), I'd also be open to bringing in a guy like Maurice Morris as a backup RB (or 3rd rb and inexpensive as well) ... and I love Rock's effort and leadership but if we're only gonna use him as kickoff return guy and he can't return punts ... I think he is expendable. I think we could give Devin Thomas a chance to compete for return duty and at least get on the field, heck Betts used to do a decent job at returning kickoffs, he has that same type straight forward plow as Rock. I just think we really need to look at the players who have only 1 specified role, and ask ourselves, "are we maximizing this roster spot?" The only specialists we can afford to take roster spots on gameday are long snapper, kicker and punter. The players at all other positions need to be versatile and able to contribute on ST's or when called upon.

I know that the OL is the major concern (and DL), but it would also be nice to bring in a couple skill players as depth who understand what Zorn is trying to teach the other players instead of guys like Thrash and Rock. Open competition everywhere is what I want to see at camp, put the young guys out there and let them earn their stripes on ST's if we have to ... and bring in a few experienced vets to help push the other players to play harder, study harder and contribute to the team.

Defensively I'd like to see us bring in Tank for a look, or maybe another young FA DT hungry to catch on somewhere and see if they can out compete our current guys at a low price.

I prefer we take as many OL'man as possible in the draft to get as young and physical as possible, but also look to positions like LB, DE, DT if that is the BPA at the time of our pick. OK sorry to ramble. Hail.

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