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I'd hate to ask such a thing - video uploads


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Trying to upload a video, still not working, will take advice now.

YouTube - dinged for audio copyright

Tinypic - dinged for unnamed copyright

Photobucket - works but the video is longer than 5 minutes, would have to upgrade for the entire thing to fit.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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Do I want to know what this video is of?

It isn't you, snory.

Depends on how you define loose and morals lol

Alright, I guess the whole don't reply thing is being ignored. I'll have to start a different thread. Of course, I may still need advice, we'll see.

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Try vimeo.

You can thank me later.

vimeo or megavideo

Alright, I'll try these, thanks.

I've only uploaded to youporn and redtube. Sorry probably can't help you out.

Yes ...:silly: , just joking :jk:

Not that sort of video, but I'll use it as a last resort.;)

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