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What's the backup plan if Jason can't get it done this year?

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Go back to Philly. Real Skinz fans do not talk about their team like that.


The problem is 3527 is right. A side from a few bones like Trent Green and Brad Johnson that we couldnt or didnt hang on to, its been that way ever since Shuler and Gus. Everyone always wants the backup or the next rookie to start or be drafted.

To me, it doesnt matter who starts if Kelley or Thomas cant at least beat ARE out for the second WR and we have the same starting OL then we are going to see bad play from the QB. I dont care if its Campbell, Colt, Cassell, Brady, Farve or whoever else you want to put behind center, the QB isnt going to have much to work with.

Unless there is another Matt Ryan (which Im a bpa advocate so yes I would take him) sitting at 13 we need to fix the rest of the teams problems first. We need a LG, RT and the young WRs to step up and beat out the incumbents and thats just on offense.... then lets worry about the QB.

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I know a lot of people on here think that Colt is cool and that he will step in and lead us to the promised land right away. Let's just say, hypothetically, that there is a reason he was drafted in the 7th round and that Zorn says he needs a lot of work before he's ready.

Matt Cassel was a 7th and Brady was a 6th. So whats your point? It does happen. Nobody is saying CB will lead us to a super bowl, but in his limited playing time he did show flashes of things we ALL WISH JC showed once in awhile.

You know, minor things like throwing past the LOS, hitting recievers in stride, that kind of stuff.

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