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SB Picks, Pats, Apologies (Thank GOD the Redskins aren't involved!)


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This post is coming to you from a hospital room. At 7:00 this morning, my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (our first). Mom and baby are doing well--as all the Dad's on the board can attest, it was an amazing experience.

Back in the summer, when we were given a Feb. 10th due date, all my friends and family teased me about what would happen if the baby came on Super Bowl Sunday-- and what if the Redskins were involved? I never thought it was possible (especially the part about the Redskins), but at 6-2, it looked somewhat possible. So had we made the Super Bowl for the first time since 1991, it wouldn't have even been the biggest event of my day. Not even close.

So, I'm actually happy about it...I wouldn't want to "share" this day with anything else.

With this in mind, my Picks, Pats, and Apologies for the Super Bowl is going tobe quite weak:

I did get both Championship Games correct after a 2-6 start to the playoffs. So, I'm looking to end the season on a high note:

The Cardinals? I just don't see it today. I think their style plays right into the hands of the Steelers. I think the way to beat Pittsburgh is to do what the Eagles and Giants did to them early in the season-- play along with the Steelers grind-it-out approach: Don't be afraid to punt. The Steelers offense is steady, but not explosive--make them go the length of the field and shorten the game. Pittsburght thrives on field position and turnovers. Their defense simply does not allow big plays.

I just can't see Arizona being patient enough to play that type of game.

Steelers 28

Cardinals 16

Thanks to everyone who read PPA throughout the year-- I look forward to 2009 already-- next year we'll have one more Redskins fan cheering them on!

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Congratulations to you and your wife. Post some pics of the baby, please, when you get a chance.

My brother and sil were on a Jenny show a few years ago about sport fan fanatics. One couple on the show, the husband had made the hospital put a tv in the delivery room so he could watch the World Series during the birth of his child. Glad to know you wouldn't have gone that far if the Redskins had made the SB. :)

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Congratulations Kleese man. That's excellent news. :cheers:.

Real good to hear mom and daughter are doing fine. Made up for all you guys.

As for the show, I'm taking the Steelers, but I sure as heck hope I'm wrong as I'll be rooting for the Cards. 23-14 Steelers. Top D wins out, while as per the low scoring Steelers O keeps the Cards hanging around just enough to make it interesting.

Again, congrats on the beautiful new addition to your household. :).


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Kleese, much congrats on the new addition to your family!

I guess the question is: are you going to raise the girl to be a Skins fan? Given how our team has performed of late, I hope that wouldn't constitute child abuse! Of course, the two closest options to you......the Cowboys and the Chiefs.......would certainly not be any better! :D

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