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Government secrets, coverups and conspiracies: Which ones are you most interested in?


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Here are my favorite conspiracies (if you want to call them that):

1. WWII - Did we really know the Japanese were going to attack and did nothing, so we could be involved in the war by popular demand?

2. Roswell/Area 51 - Has proof of intelligent alien life been found and supressed by anyone on earth?

3. JFK Assassination - been an on and off follower of this event for a while. Someone recently mentioned to me that they watched the video footage again, but with the sound off. The person they were with them had them close their eyes and ask them what they would do if their spouse was shot while in an open motorcade vehicle. The response was to grab the spouse and get down. Watch the film and tell me what Jackie does, since she doesn't do that. Turn off the sound to remove distractions. Why does she do what she does? What really happened in that car, and why are the SS agents behind the vehicle out of their typical position? All I can say is that for such a monumentous event, it sure would appear that many things were never fully investigated.

4. The 00 and 04 Presidential votes. I would love to know what really happened in Florida and Ohio. It appears to me that both of those elections were purchased.

5. Skull and Bones. Nuff said.

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1. The NBA

- The Draft Lottery.

- The ref betting scandal (just the fact that one existed. And one guy acted alone? Ha!)

- Extremely biased and weak officiating

- Clay Bennett's purchase of the Supersonics only to move them, with Stern in on it the whole time (just look up the email investigation).

2. E.T./Aliens/Area 51

- There have been enough encounters and bizarre events throughout history to support their existence. WHY is it all being covered up....that's what I want know.

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For me, has to be the JFK assassination. I was looking at some more footage, and want to know the first shot, where it hit him at. Nevermind the fatal head shot we all seen to make his head explode, but that first shot that made him slump over. That's the mystery.

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