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Am i the only one logging in to E.S. every day looking for news?


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I'm not on nearly as much as I was during the season. And I rarely post but I lurk from time to time for news. It's because the result of the season makes the atmosphere in here much less friendly. No progress can be made right now so I don't hang around to be made mad by people saying stuff that may or may not be true.

See, i'm the opposite. During the season, its like football comes from everywhere. I can go to a million blogs, listen to the radio, watch TV and get a hundred different angles. Its great for a guy like me.

But in the offseason there's nowhere I can get my hit. I start shaking and getting an itch, then I get all nervous. I tell ya, if it wasn't for extremeskins this time of year, I'd probably be on the corner askin random strangers "Redskins news???, Redskins news???, got any Redskins news???"

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