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has anyone had any trouble with their landlord?

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Right now I am having trouble with them do repairs to my place. The dishwasher just went out last week as well as the garbage disposal. We are also having trouble with ants. They come from every were for nothing. There will just be long line of ants coming out of a crack in the wall and then going back into another crack in the wall. (I don't mean like the wall is cracked but you know the crack between the wall and the trim at the base of the wall.) I have told the landlord about these problems several times now and not even as much as a phone call about it or even sending someone over to look at it. Nothing has been done at all. I have a "California's Tenant Rights" book that says I should write the landlord a letter, send it certified mail and if nothing happens in 30 days I have legal rights to hire someone to come and do the repairs and deducted that amount from the rent as long as the cost of the repairs does not exceed the amount of the rent.

That is were I am with my landlord. I am going to write the letter today and will be sending it out. If nothing still after 30 days then I will get the repairs done. I am tired of the way the landlord treats doing repairs.

ex. When we first moved in we noticed that the refrigerator was leaking. We would have to clean out the water in the frig almost every week. We would complain every so often and still nothing. We finally got a new frig a couple of weeks ago. This is almost a year and half later. I know what some of you are thinking, "Why don't you just move." Well, it isn't that easy. I don't make a bunch of money and it took us almost 3 months just to find this place. We had a house fire that destroyed our house and we were living in a hotel for 3 month trying to find someone who would rent to us. Now we are better off then we were then but still not good enough to just go find somewhere else and move. Plus we have kids so we would have to move somewhere close by because the school discricts here in California are very small and we can't move to a new school again after moving them just a year and half ago.

Just wondering if anyone here has had to do this?

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Kill My Landlord!



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my l a n d l o r d

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Take out your lease and read the whole thing before you send the letter.

Tenants rights book is a good place to start, but you need to know what the lease says and what it requires you to do. It may require an additional written notice, it may require that the written notice include several specific items. It may include terms that are void under the law, like that you waive the remedy of having the repairs done yourself and deducting from the rent (I don't know if that would be void or enforceable. That's just an example, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was void).

You're talking about taking steps that can have consequences if you don't do it correctly. You need to have all your i's dotted and t's crossed before you get started.

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