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Let the global warming rants resume...


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This is an excellent read and it shows you just how much Al Gore is lying.


The Amazing Story Behind Tho Global Warming Scam

By John Coleman

January 28, 2009


Despite having no educational or scientific credentials in meteorology, climatology, environmental science, or indeed any other scientific field or discipline, in the fall of 2007 Coleman described the current concern over global warming "a fictional, manufactured crisis, and a total scam." [3] His postings assessing the science behind global warming can be read at www.kusi.com. In fact, Coleman is not even a board-certified meteorologist or weather reader, the requirements for which are but several semester hours of successfully completed college coursework in meteorology or associated disciplines such as geology.

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That's the same attitude that lead to dumping waste into rivers and the oceans and not worrying about sulfur and nitrogen containing emissions into the air and even fertilizer run off into the bay, and all sorts of other things that we know realize were mistakes.

(Unless of course you are arguing longer term tied to a decline in the human species, but of course then why should we be worried about those other things- who cares if we have acid rain, eventually the Earth will heal itself. I've already posted in this thread a study that concluded if CO2 levels go back down to pre-industrial levels in the next 1,000 years, there will be an ice age in 50,000 years. Of course, if they stay over 300 ppm (we are currently at 385ish, then no more ice ages into the indefinite future.)

Well, the Earth does have an amazing ability to heal itself, there is no debating that fact.

I am an environmentalist, I do all I can every day to help clean up my carbon footprint. I am not under the mindset that just because the earth has this ability to heal itself, we can do whatever we want to it. Of course, you were not accusing me of that.

At least humanity is learning from their mistakes, and I can guarantee (at least here at ODU) that the next few generations of students that graduate from here are going to contribute greatly to helping clean up what has been left for us. They push going green HARD here, and they do a great job of it, too.

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I keep recalling that when the people making CFCs finally gave up their campaign to announce that it would be the end of civilization as we know it if we stopped using CFCs, and allowed us to ban them, they

a) Discovered that hey, there are other working fluids you can use for refirgeration, and

B) They actually increased their market share.

It's at least conceivable that, if the US can lead the way to greener energy, and can be the leader in that field, that there might be some serious money to be made.

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