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Chalk Talk Bonus: FG Percentage Chart UPDATED W/ PUNT CHARTS! (Special Teams STINK!)

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I didn't do this to be a sticky, just as kind of a "I was wondering where we ranked in percentage made in terms of field goals, so I made this post to share with the masses"

This will be added to the Sub Forum if TK can pull off his magic, but I don't intend for this to be added to the Read Me's up top, so read it while you can :)

I'll add the punting chart with this when I get around to it. Had some spare time so went ahead and did this one :)



Dead Last. Uhhhh. Ouch.

Here's the punt charts :)


Not in last here. By my calculations we're in 29th. World beaters we are!


Who's the little line all the way at the end below everyone else's little line? Hmmm. Dead last. Again. Fix our special teams!

There are three facets of the game. We are pathetic in one of them, meh in another and good in the third. What's the biggest cause for concern here? :)

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