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In an effort to keep the ES Classifieds as a place that Redskins fans can feel comfortable buying and selling Redskins merchandise, tickets, etc.- this thread has been created so that members can leave feedback about their buying and selling experiences with other members. Be it positive or negative, get the message out. Do it here.

A few simple rules, and read them carefully.

1. Slander will not be tolerated. If we catch anyone telling lies or making misleading statemnts about another member in this thread, your time on ES is done.

2. Do Not Make It Personal. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with another member that is rooted in an ES Classifieds transaction, simply state what the issue is and why it exists. Provide evidence and be specific. Remember, fellow Redskins fans should always get the benefit of the doubt, if there is one to be given. Even in cases where there is no benefit of any doubt to be given, personal attacks will not be tolerated.

3. This is not an argument thread. While certain members might feel that they need to better explain themselves or a situation in their own defense, please do not use this thread as a platform to bicker back and forth. The definition of "bicker" is simple. We know it when we see it.

If you note a violation of the rules, please simply use the Report Post Feature, and let the staff handle it.

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I've done business with RFKFedEx and it went as smooth as a baby's bottom. I've also purchased tix for paige3girl at least twice. I've done business with others too, but don't recall the names at the moment.

I suggest we keep conversation at a minimum in this thread, and I also suggest that those who give feedback edit existing posts rather than make a new post for every entry. That way we have a series of lists rather than a huge collection of one-entry posts.

Another idea is to use the "Search This Thread" link provided above to research names within this specific thread.

Here's some of the members I've dealt successfully with:

RFKFedEx - Five Stars

SC RedskinsFan - Five Stars

Paige3girl - Five Stars

Teddy833 - Five Stars

Toe Jam - Five Stars

isle-hawg - Five Stars

Skinsfan1311 - Five Stars (picked me up a couple nice cigars from outside the CONUS for cheap)

TGateNGDad - Five Stars - sold me great seats at face in '08 and '09 and '10 (and hopefully '11, '12, and '13). :)

AggieSkins - Five Stars - Sold him a green pass, timely cash transaction, no fuss no muss

TK - Five Stars - Multiple transactions

REPRESENT - Five Stars - Sold him a green pass multiple times, paid cash, easy transaction

MIKEWINK44 - Five Stars - Sold him a Green pass, he met me in line at 8:25 am with cash

Oliphant - Five Stars - Sold me two Dallas tix and green parking at face! Rcvd tix in three days!

DallasBlowsBig - Five Stars - Sold me an orange pass for $40 - great deal! Extremely smooth transaction.

Long term skin fan - Five Stars - Sold me an orange pass for $35 - great deal! He actually tried to give it to me for free at first. Extremely smooth transaction.

Techboy - Five Stars - bought a single from the team (ticketmaster) for the Dallas game for me.

RememerOsaka - Five Stars - bought a singlefrom the team (ticketmaster) for the Dallas game for me.

DButz65 - Five Stars - sold me 3 tix and an orange pass at cost. Smooth transaction.

bishtw - Five Stars - he bought 2 tix, paid by paypal, smooth transaction

9_to-42_TD - Five Stars - bought a green pass, paid by paypal, smooth transaction

Rypien 91 - Five Stars - he bought a pair of sweet seats in 223 row 6 for cost, (I needed a block of 4)

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Good deal Zoony (funny as **** tag)....

***** Honorary_Hog - I bought a gamer from him and met him in Canton during the HOF weekend to pick it up. Great guy, great communication, will do business again A++ Ebayer, I mean ESer :)

***** CBass1724 - Sold him a pair of tickets and he paid immediately. Once again, great guy and great communication.

***** IONTOP - Met him in Cincinnati, bought a ticket from him and paid for half a hotel room that night. Great guy.

* WizOsSkins - Sold him a pair of Monday night tickets below face and found him later selling and reselling anything he could get his hands on - stay away from this guy.

***** H_H - I think that's his name, he's in Orlando. Anyways, bought a Sean Taylor rookie card from him. Great communication on it.

***** Argentina_Skins - Sold him a ticket and he also picked me up for a game. Great guy.

I also did a jersey batch with about 8 ESers, I can't remember names and PMs are gone. If one was you, PM me and I'll add you to this list.


* - 1 star

** - 2 stars

*** - 3 stars

**** - 4 stars

***** - 5 stars


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I have bought single game tickets from Dockeryfan and skins0128 who sells me single game tickets every year at least 4-5 times a season , both are great people .

I also have been selling on this site for the past 6 years . I have never encountered any problems with any of the members who have bought game tickets from me. I've dealt with at least 15 differant members and several repeat members over the years . :notworthy

Thank you Extremeskins :applause:

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Can't remember them all off the top of my head...

???? - Bought tickets from me. Went smoothly.

Mayers - Bought tickets from me. Went smoothly.

Kingspaaade - Bought tickets from me.

Glockypoo - Bought a parking pass from me. Parking pass never made it to him but he was very understanding.

Unless someone really screws me over, I won't post anything negative. Just positives.

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I have done a couple transactions, and most recently, I bought one of pr11fan's CP autographed footballs. We had great communication, fair price, fast shipping, so basically, everything went smooth.

On a side note, I just wanted to mention last year a member, DRSmith, gave me an amazing seat for my grandfather, which in turn, allowed us to go to our first game ever. I will probably never forget what was done for us and just felt it deserved mention. ES truly rocks.

I'll continually update this post.

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Screen name : I Got Warrants

Cool and Legit, i traded parking passes with him once this year for a Skins game.

Screen name: Teddy833

Bought countless Capitals tickets from him last year for every playoff game, legit and always where he says he'll be

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I bought tickets for the Cardinals and Rams game from TGateNGDad....he sold me great seats and a parking pass at face value. Transaction and communication/meeting for exchange was very smooth, hope to buy from him again.

Also bought uppers for the Cardinals game from Ballin86. Again very smooth communication and transaction, would also do business with him again.

Both these guys seemed to be stand up guys and were great to do business with.

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Bought a jersey from rdskn4lyf21 great sale he kept me updated on shipping and any other questions i had 5 star feedback!!!!

(Just starting to wish i had not bought the jason Taylor haha)

Two months ago, I traded mine for a hockey jersey with a friend. He's a Dolphin fan and I have him rooting for the Skins now as well. It was a win win for both of us :)

*Also, buyer feedback for rd421 - quick payment and good communication 5 star!

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Not sure how I've missed this thread until now, but here it goes...

Mark The Homer offered me a pair of lower level, sideline seats at face value for the Ravens game last year. Although I didn't end up needing the tix, the offer was well below market value. A solid A for ES karma. Hell, I'll throw him an A+ for the killer tailgate he organized.

Gary Clark Fan hooked me up w/ a pair in section 101 for the Eagles game last year. He only charged me face value! A third gen. STH selling to another third gen STH. A+ transaction.

Lloyd's Mongolian Beef hooked me up w/ a pair of Caps tix at center ice back in January. He charged face value. A+ transaction.

Thanks to Phoward for informing us of the great green parking giveaway day last August.;) He was very cool when I sent him to the turnstiles with the wrong tix back in preseason.:doh:

I've never had any trouble buying or selling with ES people.

Good thread Zoony.

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