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How do you see the final nfc playoff picture?


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NFC PLAYOFF PICTURE- Going into Week 9

1. NY Giants 6 1 -- Dallas, @Eagles, Baltimore, @Arizona, @Washington, Philadelphia, @Dallas, Carolina, @Vikings

2. Carolina 6 2 -- Bye, @Oakland, Detroit, @Atlanta, @Green Bay, Tampa Bay, Denver, @New York, @New Orleans


3. Arizona 4 3 -- @St Louis, San Francisco, @Seattle, NY Giants, @Philadelphia, St Louis, Vikings, @Patriots, Seahawks

4. Chicago 4 3 -- Detroit, Tennessee, @Green Bay, @St Louis, @ Minnesota, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Green Bay, @Houston

5. Redskins 6 2 -- Pittsburgh, Bye, Dallas, @Seattle, NY Giants, @Baltimore,@Cincinnati, Philadelphia, @San Francisco

6. Dallas 5 3 -- @NY Giants, Bye, @Washington, San Francisco, Seattle, @Pittsburgh, NY Giants, Baltimore, @Philadelphia


On the outside looking in...

7. Tampa Bay 5 3 -- @Kansas City, Bye, Minnesota, @Detroit, New Orleans, @Carolina, @Atlanta, San Diego, Oakland

8. Green Bay 4 3 -- @Tennessee, @Minnesota, Chicago, @New Orleans, Carolina, Houston, @Jacksonville, @Chicago, Detroit

9. Philadelphia 4 3 -- @Seattle, NY Giants, @Cincinnati, @Baltimore, Arizona, @ NY Giants, Cleveland, @Washington, Dallas


Note: jaydogg3ebb compiled the standings in his weekly look at the playoff picture thread.


There are 9 teams over .500. The Saints are .500 and could enter the picture soon. Giving how sorry the NFC West is, it's possible the Rams could enter the picture but they are at 2-5 and Arizona really would have to choke.

My Question, how do you see the final nfc playoff picture?

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