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WEEK 8 Expert Picks: YAHOO! Sports, ESPN, Sunday Countdown,Madden, NBC, FOX, and CBS


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Seems like the experts are back on the bandwagon or maybe they are just picking the Redskins this week because the Lions are winless. It is indeed a game the Redskins have to watch out for ... yes one of those "classic trap games." Things didn't turn out well for the Redskins the last time all of the experts picked the Redskins to win. Here is hoping the Redskins pull this thing off and finish their opponent early for a change. :lionsuck:

YAHOO! Sports (3 of 3):


ESPN (9 of 9):


NFL Sunday Countdown (5 of 5):


Madden Simulation (1 of 1):


NBC (1 of 1):


FOX (6 of 6):


CBS (1 of 1):


Inside the NFL (1 of 1):


NFC Playbook (2 of 2):


Total: 27-0


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That Madden Sim cracked me up.... I think they got the QB stats backwards... Actually now that I look it over, its funny that we will only run 43 offensive plays when we have been excellent in ball control and TOP. I hope the team doesn't get ahead of themselves and beats down on the lowly kittens.

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I would love for the Redskins to beat them and beat them early. My heart can't take all of these close games. :lionsuck:


I feel ya. Even now, my chest is already starting to tighten up. I'll be at work tomorrow, but one of the perks of working in real estate, I do have a small tv with cable, and the game is supposed to be televised on Fox. Not much work is gonna get done until our W looks like a lock, or until the clock strikes 0:00.



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Oh...it's a trap game alright.. but luckily the Rams taught us not to fall for that again.

With the spread only being a touchdown... we should be fine. It's when the spread goes crazy (2 touchdowns) we like to lose to an inferior team (spread the wealth they say.. ;) ).

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Ouch, what is the spread again?


This has been a curse for the Skins. Hopefully they bring it on Sunday.

The Lions a CURSE?! Are you kidding me? This isn't even a trap game...

Well I guess the stat that the skins haven't lost to the lions in 34 years doesn't mean anything to you then.

I like how in the madden game one campbell threw 3 ints...that ISN'T going to happen to the lowly lions lol.

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