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KOAT.com: Polling Place Clothing Deemed Illegal


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...but showing up to vote intoxicated is legal :wtf:

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Some voters in New Mexico are running into problems.The same day one Bernalillo County woman was allowed to vote under the influence of alcohol another woman, who was completely sober, was turned away.When she went to cast her ballot on Saturday, election workers took one look at her and asked her to leave.

The woman said she didn't do anything most of us would think is against the law and it isn't, unless a voter is inside a polling place in New Mexico.Getting to an early voting site was the easy part, Samantha Rasmussen said, but it was once she got inside that her trouble began."I think it does present an undue hardship," Rasmussen said.When Rasmussen went in she said they took one look at her and told her she couldn't vote."I was shocked because I feel that's really unconstitutional," Rasmussen said.It was all because of what she was wearing."I just happened to be wearing my Barack Obama T-shirt. It's pretty simple. I don't think in any way this shirt would incite violence," Rasmussen said.It turned out Rasmussen was breaking New Mexico law."No signs, no literature, folks can't even really wear T-shirts or buttons with any campaign information on them because that is considered campaigning," Bernalillo County Clerk Maggie Toulouse Oliver said.So showing up to the polls in a political T-shirt in New Mexico is illegal. What is perfectly legal in the state is showing up to vote intoxicated and at one polling place there happens to be a liquor establishment right next store that is open during early voting.Rasmussen said she was shocked when she was told her shirt was too distracting to the voting process. But she said she believes alcohol is even more distracting.The county clerk addressed her concerns."I think it's a valid concern that people's constitutional rights might be at stake here and I think it is one that might be valid to bring to the courts for consideration," Oliver said.Rasmussen said she was eventually able to vote."I said I'm going to go out to my vehicle and turn my T-shirt inside out," Rasmussen said.Now she said she just wants to warn voters not to make the same mistake.Another voter said he was asked to leave because his 5-year-old grandson was wearing a Barack Obama T-shirt.The county clerk said that if voters show up in political clothing she's instructed poll workers to allow them to turn their shirts inside out in the restroom.Political bumper stickers are allowed on parked cars at the polls and voters can carry signs and wear political shirts as long as it is 100 feet away from the building.New Mexico isn't the only state that bars political clothing in polling places, but some states have recently overturned similar laws.


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Welcome to my hometown. I don't understand it either. On the news last night they said a lady showed up intoxicated to do her early voting. After she had voted she started causing a scene and ended up passing out. The cops were called and it is illegal to have alcohol on you in a polling place, but not to be drunk while you vote. So they charged her with that and causing a disturbance in a polling place. I love my town.

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