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Vote the Skins Early and Often for the Pro Bowl


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Quite a few Skins are turning out performances that merit a Pro Bowl appearance - especially Portis and Fletcher!

After the strong showing by the skins voting for Chief Zee in the mascot competition, surely we can do even better in Pro Bowl voting.

Click the link and vote as many times a day as you can.


I know someone will probably give me a hard time for promoting the Pro Bowl voting, but answer me this: do you really want 13 of the Cowpukes to represent the NFC like they did last year? If we get lazy, we will get another dose of "America's :puke: Team."

Yes, it's early, but if we keep it up all season, we can make a difference!

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Ok I have something important to say. If we voted for these guys for the Pro Bowl HALF as much as we vote for meaningless Espn.com polls or other WORTHLESS polls, we'd get 7+ Pro Bowlers this year. Come ON people get it together and vote at least 10 times each.

Amen, brother. If you took 5 minutes and voted every day you could cast dozens of votes. If just half of the people who frequent ES did that we would have thousands, if not millions of votes!

This is one campaign I can actually get behind!

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