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Redskins vs lions prediction thread (Merged x 2)


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Campbell throws 3 TDs: One to Thomas, One to Cooley and one to Moss.

Portis rushes for over 150 and a TD.

Thomas and Kelly finally get into the mix with catches for each. Kelly has 3 for 35 and Thomas goes for over 100 with the 6-8 range in catches....man i am being optimistic.

Shizam adds a FG

Redskins role 31-10.

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The Redskins SHOULD not have any issues with the Lions. That team is weak all around. However, there could be a revenge thing going on. The Redskins beat the Lions 34-3 last season. The Lions ALWAYS play the Redskins tough in Detroit.

Give me the usual.

I'll take Lions +8 and Under 43.5.

Final Score:

Lions 20

Redskins 16

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everyone(the pundits and homers) said after the Eagle win we SHOULD be 7-1 going forward

3rd garbage team in a row, well not garbage teams but lower level NFL teams...another winless team that we are picked to beat handily...not good

Suisham misses a 42 yarder that would have sent it to OT....Lions 22 Good guys 19

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I think the offense opens up this week. With Portis being banged up...and the fact that we'll REALLY need him "fresh" next week against the Steelers...I think Portis only gets around 20 touches. I think we're gonna go up top...and I think JC's gonna have a big day.

Skins 31

Lions 10

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