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Es' chad 'misterwookas' morgan makes write in pitch for president


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I am sure you hardcore folks here on ES have seen my moniker, Misterwookas, on the site before. Well, I am here to state that I am going on all out battle to persuade voters when they go to the polls on Election day to vote for President to vote myself, Chad Morgan, as a write in candidate for President of the United States. If you are like me, then you are disenfrachised with Obama and McCain.

Here is my platform:

Universal income tax (28 percent) which will be taken out of every tax paying citizens paycheck. No other deductions. If the Federal government is taking over banks then they will have the resources to distribute taxpayers funds. Part of this money will be used toward universal health care which taxpayers and workers will have access to. Only senior citizens and the worse of the worse will be on welfare.

There will no such thing as illegal drugs. Yes, we know that the fines that come drug offenses are simply used as revenue for the government but how do you explain someone who is sentenced to six months in jail for simple possession ie. a ten dollar gram of marajuana or a 20 dollar rock of cocaine but in turn have to pay those six months to house and feed the offender. That money comes from tax payers. Doesn't our drug education programs do anything. Come on!

If you want a common sense approach to government, vote Chad Morgan for president in '08

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