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WP Maske: Winslow had Staph Infection (Calling Bang...)


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Warning: Try not to laugh out loud when reading this article. Winslow is pouting that they don't ask him "how he's doing" enough in the Cleveland locker room. Call the Waaambulance. (Bang, you never take requests, but can we beg for a new cartoon about the "Chosen One" - With Karl and Kevin maybe?)


Winslow Had Staph Infection

Browns tight end Kellen Winslow told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that his recent hospitalization was for a staph infection.

Winslow told the newspaper that it was the team, not him, that wanted to keep details of his condition from becoming public and he indicated he was upset that Browns General Manager Phil Savage never contacted him while he was at the Cleveland Clinic.

"A big reason I'm upset right now has to do with" the staph infection, Winslow told the Plain Dealer after Sunday's loss to the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field. "I heard from [Coach] Romeo Crennel, and I heard from my position coach [Alfredo Roberts] when I was in the Clinic. I heard from my teammates. But I never heard from the main man--Phil Savage--and that really disappoints me. Sometimes I don't even feel a part of this team.

"I feel I've done a lot for this team, played through a lot of pain and given it my all. I just thought there'd be a little more, 'How are you doing?' by him."

Savage declined to comment to the Plain Dealer.

Winslow played against the Redskins on Sunday after missing last Monday night's triumph over the New York Giants by the Browns. He'd been released from the hospital the day before the Giants game after spending three nights at the Cleveland Clinic. The Browns had refused to release details about his medical condition, and Winslow initially had declined to comment about it after rejoining the team.

The Browns reportedly have taken steps to sanitize their training facility but this is the second staph infection suffered by Winslow since 2005 and, according to the Plain Dealer, the seventh known staph infection suffered by Browns players over the past four years.

"There's obviously a problem [with staph], and we have to fix it," Winslow told the Plain Dealer. "Just look at the history around here. It's unfortunate because it happens time and time again."

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The karma gods have really caught up to this clown ever sice his "I'm a soljah" rant back at Miami. Thank goodness we didn't draft this joker when it came down to ST or K2.

ST's spirit is still with the Skins and is worth more to this team than K2 is in flesh and blood for the Browns. I'd be less concerned if I were Winslow with the condition of the locker room than I would with the condition of the hookers in Cleveland given the rumors of his condition. :doh:

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Honestly, he should be upset if there's a problem that not getting fixed at their facility.

Yes he comes off as kind of whiney but this is a great point.

There is a serious problem with Cleveland's facilities. There has been an outbreak of staph infections, one of which nearly cost LeCharles Bentley his leg. The problem is not being properly addressed.

If I were K2 I would be upset too. It was likely Savage that sent the message to keep things quiet regarding staph. This is something players should seriously fear and could prevent players from wanting to play for Cleveland knowing that at least one player a year is getting this.

The real story here is why has this not been fixed, and what is the Cleveland Brown organization going to do to fix it. Who really cares about k2's feelings?

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I don't know which ownership group of Lerners is worse.

The Lerners in Cleveland or the Lerners here in Washington.

Now of course it's two different sports, but the two seem to share a lot of the same characteristics as sports owners, not just the last names.

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Reaganaut: If Cooley was in the hospital and Cerrato didnt call him to check on him he would be crucified on this board

Seriously cjrugger, are you comparing Cooley to "The Chosen One" Kellen Winslow who is every bit as much a joke as Terrell Owens to Redskins Fans? Winslow was trying to do wheelie handstands on his rice rocket and took himself out for the season due to injury. He's not a normal player, where have you been for the last five years? :doh:

What next? Are we going to be lighting candles for Adam Jones and holding prayer vigils for the NFL commissioner to let him have another chance in three weeks? "Adam has a problem, we should be praying for him in treatment." I must really be a bad person... OMG.

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No, I said I dont like the guy. But if your former 1st round pick and starting TE is in the hospital I think you should give him a call, especially if this was the teams fault

Ok, let me put this more succinctly: Your former 1st round pick and starting TE who has had close to zero impact for the team shows up in the hospital with testicles the size of citrus fruit. The last time he was in the hospital he was doing motorcycle stunts which were forbidden in his contract. The owner is SICK of this player. He needs to get the hint and shut his mouth. Nobody wants to hear a peep out of Kellen Winslow. Nobody.

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I see winslows point. Staph is a scary scary thing, especially if it was MRSA, that is THE scariest thing to me. It seems to be a problem in the Cleveland locker room, and the browns told him to keep it down because they don't want to look bad. Thats crap. The players should all be told about it so they can exercise more care. You can lose an arm, leg, hand, foot, any of it to a staph infection, quick. I'd be pissed too if instead of a hey how are you I get a "don't tell anyone". The skins don't have this problem because years ago, we implemented a ridiculous cleaning measure to ensure the safety of our player, clearly the browns don't care as much. Winslow was a tool at the U, but he has grown up considerably in the past year, I commend him for it, if it weren't for the injuries, he'd be a top flight TE. beat Horton all day yesterday.

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