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A high school game I thought some might enjoy reading about..........

Tom [Giants fan]

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I am a high school football coach on Long Island. I am the assistant on the J.V. level. We had a game last night and it was a crazy game.

We were home playing a team we should have destroyed. The only problem is, our starting QB was suspended because of a bit of an altercation. We ended up fumbling the ball away five times. And the other team did an onside kick every time they scored and recovered 3 of them. Bad adjusting on our part.

Our defense which is usually very good had a bad off day and missed a lot of tackles. It was not a pretty first 3 quarters and 9 minutes.

To skip all of the boring stuff let's pick it up with 3 minutes to go in the fourth quarter. We are down 32-21. Keep in mind that we run the triple option which is not suited to come from behind by 11 in one quarter forget about 3 minutes. We went to the no huddle which we have never practiced before. There were two incomplete passes from our 48 and than on 3rd and 10 we got a completion which brought us to their 1 yard line. The next play we punched it in and went for two which brought us within 3 at 32-29.

With only 2:08 left in the game we had to onside kick the ball ourselves. It took a fairly high bounce but right into the hands of one of their players. That is, until one of our guys decleated the guy with the ball making him leave his feet and separating him from the ball. We recovered with 2:03 to go.

Needless to say I wouldn't be typing all this if we didn't score on a toss play with 1:09 to go in the game on a 2nd and 10 after an incomplete pass. We got the extra point and are now up 36-32.

We had not been able to stop them or tackle them the whole game so I wasn't satisfied yet. And when our kicker made a horrible kickoff giving them the ball at the 50, I got a sick feeling in my stomach. And right before this kickoff happened, the ref threw a flag because one of our cheerleaders, yes cheerleaders told the ref to shut up. My brother who is the head coach of our team almost lost it. He kept enough cool to nicely ask the official how he could penalize our team for a cheerleader saying something. The ref turned it into a sideline warning instead of a personal foul. Otherwise, with that kick off they would have gotten the ball at our 35.

We called back to back timeouts which you can do in high school and set up a defense to counter what they were doing which we couldn't do all day. They got a couple of penalties and it ended up being 4th and 20 with 25 seconds to go. This team runs five WR shotgun but doesn't really pass the ball. They just spread you out so they can run the ball more effectively. This is the first time in the three years coaching that I was baffled and couldn't figure it out. I admit that the Varsity defensive coach helped me out with this one.

On the fourth and 20 play, we had great coverage down field as he was looking to throw the ball. No one was opened so he took off and came within 5 yards of getting the first down but we stopped him short and won the game, 36-32.

It was the craziest game I've ever coached and a game I was very proud of my team for for not quitting. Just thought I would share.

This win brought our record to 4-1-1.

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;5702053']Well' date=' I don't have any kids but I'm also a teacher and played football myself for the school I coach at.[/quote']That's different. If I was a teacher I would do it. Didn't mean to take a shot, was just saying.

Sounds like a game you needed a full pack of tums for though.

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Sounds like a game you needed a full pack of tums for though.

Oh yeah. We have a very talented team but no matter who we are playing, our wins always have to be nail biters. Our players like to keep things interesting.

The only game we lost was 22-0 in a rainstorm. If you know anything about the triple option, rain is not good for it.

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