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Some fall color pics


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PCS - Please stop posting pics like these!!!

Everytime you do I get in to a big ol' scuff with the Mrs. because she just won't move away from here. We have been trying to talk her into a temporary move to Alaska.

Pics like yours make me want to find mother nature and give her a big ol' kiss right on the lips!!!

Good Job finding the picture in all of that scenery. :cheers:

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PCS, these pics are absolutely beautiful. :cheers:

I'm hoping to catch the tail end of the awesomeness in the VA mountains next weekend. They say the 25th is the end of "peak" season, I'll find out if that's the case.

I'm at VMI in lexington in the james river valley. get down here fast, its amazing :)
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Thanks all. There has been some snow here over the past 2 weekends. A bunch in the higher elevations,(10,000+), which put a damper on my road/pic trips. Ended up taking a bunch of these in a few quick, right out of work trips last week ahead of one such storm. I have some with snow in the background, will try to find those,(yep Brandy. It is something here in the Winter). I use a Canon Rebel XT, but am upgrading in the future. And Kaos, sorry about that. But better you than me. :)




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