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Showering with a Spider (AKA, the Yikes thread).


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I was taking a shower in the morning last year before school. I stepped into the Shower/Tub, and hung my towel up on the rack. I went to turn the water on and jumped back and almost fell on my ass. There was a moth on (I don't know what you call it, but like the inside corner of the rim of the tub) and a like a palm sized or so spider on the other side. Scared the piss outta me. (not really) :silly:

I jumped outta the tub and hit him with a reader's digest and flushed him down the toilet. I was checking my back in the shower for like the next week. Lol.

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Well, at least he pales in comparison to the world's largest insect :

The Phobaeticus chani, meaning 'Chan's megastick



Scientists say stick bug is world's longest insect

LONDON - A stick bug from the island of Borneo measuring well over a foot in length has been identified by researchers as the world's longest insect, British scientists said Thursday

The specimen was found by a local villager and handed to Malaysian amateur naturalist Datuk Chan Chew Lun in 1989, according to Philip Bragg, who formally identified the insect in this month's issue of peer-reviewed journal Zootaxa. The insect was named Phobaeticus chani, or "Chan's megastick," in Chan's honor.

Paul Brock, a scientific associate of the Natural History Museum in London unconnected to the insect's discovery said there was no doubt it was the longest still in existence. That assessment was also confirmed by Marco Gottardo, an entomologist at Italy's Natural History Museum of Ferrara and Aaron T. Dossey, a researcher at the University of Florida in Gainesville who studies the insects.

Looking like a pencil-thin shoot of bamboo, the dull-green insect measures about 22 inches, if its twig-like legs are counted. Its body length is 14 inches, beating the previous record held by Phobaeticus kirbyi, also from Borneo, by about an inch.

Stick bugs have some of the animal kingdom's cleverest camouflage. Although some use noxious sprays or prickly spines to deter their predators, generally the bugs assume the shape of sticks and leaves to avoid drawing attention.

"Their main defense is basically hanging around, looking like a twig," Brock said. "It will even sway in the wind."

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