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Just for the record I will not be taking off from cooking anymore this season. Brian did an awesome job last weekend but this is the 2nd time in 2 years that we lost a game he cooked. We can't afford to jinx this weekends game also. FYI that's why I haven't burned a jersey so far this year since it was bad luck last year at the Giants and Eagles games.

I've been struggling to come up with a menu for this weekends game. When I think of Cleveland I think of dog food and Drew Carey and then I lose my appetite. After many hours of brainstorming I was able to come up with 2 Cleveland Brown related items for this weeks menu.

If you plan on coming up to the game and haven't let me know please do ASAP.

Asian Style BBQ Pork Loin Boneless Ribs

Thai Chicken

Italian Sausage w/ Burgundy and Gold Peppers and Onions

Mini Chicken and Cheese Tacos

Cajun Wings

Bacon Cheese Burgers

Hot Dogs w/ sauerkraut

Stuffed Clams

Bacon Wrapped Fillet Mignon

Kellen Winslow Swollen (meat) BALLS

http://deadspin. com/5061761/kellen-winslows-out-withswollen-testicles

Possibly Browns in a Blanket


Funnel Cakes


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Sounds good man I'll be at the game by 8:30

I'll be at the game this weekend, and I'm going to try to make it over to your tailgate for at least a little bit. It depends on what time we get down to DC......

Come on through anytime man

Ted those funnel cakes were gone in about 3 minutes after I put them on the table. Thanks again. The chicken wings were some of the best I ever ate.

See you Sunday!

I'm glad you enjoy it man. Everyones welcome to the tailgate as long as they don't wear any Broke Back Blue or Silver

I was at your tailgate for the past 3 games and didnt even know you guys were on here. Your tailgate rocks and you guys make some awesome food. See ya Sunday. Let me know if you need me to bring anything.
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