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Poll: Who won the final debate: Mccain, Obama or Scheiffer?


Do we jump the hump or ride the wave of complaicency?  

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  1. 1. Do we jump the hump or ride the wave of complaicency?

    • Jump the Hump....See ya in Tampa
    • In the end we will accept being "2nd"

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Honestly, what can Mccain say in the final 30 minutes to win this debate?

This debate is over, just like the election is over.

Nothing is over 'til it's over. A single major sound bite that makes the news rounds could move the needle by a couple of points, maybe more if it's egregious.

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Joe the plumber, he's blowing up.

Damn I need to read before I post. Again McCain had to have a KO for him win, he didn't

He didn't get a shout-out in McCain's closing ... I'm disappointed.

Joe the plumber still gained more ground than anyone else tonight though.

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WOW, I have to say that I acually agree with Obama on something. I think he slaughtered McCain with regard to education. Other than his disagreement with vouchers, I think Obama was pretty spot on about education, especially about parents being more involved.

IMO I think McCain pretty much beat the tar out of Obama. He posed a bunch of issues that I think Obama wasn't prepared for and didn't have a really good response for.

I will say this Mr. McCain, your running mates child has down syndrome NOT autism. I should now I have a child with down syndrome.

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What a horrible debate. Neither one of them talked about anything important.

But the mediots have all their "experts" on talking about stuff that doesn't even matter. And do you know why? Because it's getting them ratings. This has turned into a reality TV show.

Absolutely disgusting. Who buys this crap? I mean really. This is all such a sham.

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